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A customer has requested an IBM System Storage DS8700 solution to meet the following requirements:

-20% yearly growth

-29,000 IOPS

-approximately 50/50 mix of read/write operations

-small (4 KB) data transfers The storage specialist has created a Disk Magic model in which each port is

capable of approximately 2,900 to 3,100 IOPS. What is the minimum number of ports that should be

configured on the DS8700 to handle the projected workload for the first year?

A. 8

B. 10

C. 12

D. 16

Correct Answer: C


An administrator must remove any installed efixes before attempting to install a new VIO Fix Pack. Which

VIO command will advise if any VIO efixes are actually present?

A. lslpp

B. emgr

C. lssw

D. oem_platform_level

Correct Answer: C


During frequent communications failure hundreds of jobs are being ended at once. The production of these job logs significantly impact the system resources, and many spooled files are created. How could the administrator avoid the production of these job logs?

A. Set the QINACTMSGQ system value to *NOJOBLOG

B. Set the QCMNRCYLMT system value to infinite recovery attempts.

C. Set the LOGOUTPUT (Job log output) parameter to *PND in the job description.

D. Set the LOG (Message logging) parameter to 4 0 *NOLIST in the job description.

Correct Answer: C


A developer has deployed a Worklight mobile application to a remote Worklight Server environment using

a context root of app1 and wants to update one of the application\’s server-side components. Which

Worklight console should the developer use to re-deploy the component?

A. The Worklight console on the remote server accessed through the URL:


B. The Worklight console in the local development environment accessed through the URL:


C. The application-specific Worklight console on the remote server accessed through the URL:http://


D. The application-specific Worklight console in the local development environment accessed through the


Correct Answer: C


The log files reveal naming exceptions after a system administrator has just created a new


What tool would the system administrator use to verify that the datasource is correctly registered

in the JNDI namespace?

A. dumpJNDINameSpace

B. dumpNameSpace

C. dumpJNDICache

D. showNameSpace

Answer: B