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A company wants to run the schedule agent in multiple environments each having different

provider URL values for their JMS queues. However, they do not wish to modify the agent

configuration on each environment to the corresponding provider URL value. How can this be


A. Set the provider_url value in the sandbox.cfg file on each environment correctly.

B. Set the value of the yfs.agent.override.providerurl property in the file.

C. Set the value of the yfs.agent.override.providerurl property in the file.

D. Override the value of the yfs.yfs.agent.override.providerurl property in the file.

Answer: D



A Customer has Director V5 installed and is considering Systems Director V6. They ask how

BladeCenter Configuration Manager works with this new version. Which of the following is the

correct answer?

A. This was replaced by Configuration Manager for V6

B. This must be upgraded toBladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM) for V6

C. This is common to both V5 and V6, no change is required

D. Automation Manager must be used in V6

Answer: A


When is it necessary to use xsd:import instead of xsd: include to combine two XML Schemas?

A. When the two XML Schemas are not on the local machine.

B. When two different teams write the two XML Schemas.

C. When the two XML Schemas belong to two different target namespaces.

D. When the two XML Schemas have nothing in common.

Answer: C


How does Worklight handle globalization of application messages?

A. It uses a user-provided JavaScript file.

B. It uses language-specific XML resources.

C. It uses a system-provided globalization file.

D. It uses a native language translation library.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator receives the following error while performing a backup of a VIO Server.

What can the administrator do to backup the VIO Server successfully?

A. Edit the /etc/security/limits file and change the fsize field to -1.

B. Increase the size of the /home/padmin/backup filesystem.

C. Change the ownership of the /home/padmin/backup directory to padmin.

D. Run the backupios command again using the -mksysb flag

Correct Answer: D