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A system administrator wants to federate an application server profile to a cell. All of the following

are valid steps or actions EXCEPT:

A. Install the product on each machine if this is a multiple machine install.

B. Create an application server profile on the application server machine and start the application


C. Add the node defined by the application server profile to the cell, which will delete the

application server cell, and federates the node to the deployment manager cell.

D. Monitor the node agent and application server which will start automatically during the

federation process.

Answer: D


An IBM i 7.1 partition has a system ASP that has a combination of Solid State Drive (SSD) units and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) units. The system administrator needs to permanently migrate the logical files that are randomly accessed by the application jobs to the SSDs.

What is the appropriate method for identifying the most randomly accessed logical and physical files?

A. Query the table QSYS2/SYSIXSTAT for files with logical reads greater than U and sequence in descending order.

B. Use WRKACTJOB command to identify the application jobs.For each job, select option 5=Work with, then 14.Display open files, if active, than press Fl 1.

C. From Performance Tools, generate a system report to an output file.Query the output file for logical files with random reads greater than U and sort in descending order.

D. Trace the accessed file data using the TRCASPBAL SET(*ON) ASP(l) command.Print the report with the command PRTTRCRPTTYPE (*FILE) QRDER(*DESC), and look for Random Reads/sec.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator needs to analyze performance data that has been collected. The Performance Tools temporary key has expired. How can the system administrator analyze the performance data?

A. Adjust the QDATE system value to the day before the temporary key expired. Then rerun the performance analysis.

B. On another system with a valid Performance Tools key, enter the command STPPERDDM to use DDM to remotely connect to the system to be evaluated.

C. Start performance collection using System i Navigator, save the collection library and restore it to another system with a valid Performance Tools key.

D. Start performance collection using the PM400 tab in System i Navigator and click `yes\’ when prompted to send the data to IBM. Then review IBM\’s analysis online.

Correct Answer: C


A banking customer has a firewall between their AMM and the remote console which is used to

configure the chassis and blades. Due to security concerns, port 80 (http) is being blocked,

denying any http access to the AMM. Which of the following would facilitate remote

communication with the AMM using a GUI interface?

A. port 443 SSL connection

B. port8080 ?http

C. port 22 SSH CLI

D. port 427 SLP connection

Answer: A


A system administrator is having problems starting the application server (server1) Which log files

should be checked to et more information about the problem?

A. SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log under \logs\server1


B. SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log under \profiles\<profiles


C. Log.txt and startWerver.log under \logs directory

D. Log.txt and startServer.log under system temp directory

Answer: B