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What is the term used for the Product that simulates virtual load on the application under test?

A. Synthetic users

B. Real users

C. Virtual users

D. Load balancers

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

The Web site for a financial services company will include both web-based trading (e-trades) and

the financial research reports to help investors make their decisions. As part of the application

architecture, note the following:

* As the data interchange format between the web-based application and the company


Which three factors determine the response time for a WebSEAL instance? (Choose


A. expired license

B. slow back-end application

C. slow network connections

D. clients that are slow to read a large response

E. user entering data slowly through the keyboard

F. Application Response Measurement not being configured correctly

Answer: B,C,D



An architect is planning to use an existing NIM server to back up and restore VIO server partitions. In

addition to the backup of the VIO Server (VIOS), what is needed to successfully complete a restore


A. A backup of the profile data from the VIOS partition.

B. A valid LPP Source on the NIM partition and an extracted SPOT from the VIOS backup.

C. A copy of the volume group structures and a list of device mappings from the VIOS partition.

D. A copy of the VIOS bosinst. data from the VIOS partition.

Correct Answer: C


A file named XYZ is secured as follows in the graphic below. What authorities will AUSER have to file XYZ?



C. *USE Object Management

D. * CH

Correct Answer: D