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An administrator would like to use system plans to clone the partition definitions of an existing Power 795

system to a new Power 795. Both systems have the same hardware configuration.

When the administrator attempts to deploy the system plan taken from the old system to the new one the

\’Deploy System Plan\’ wizard fails at the hardware validation stage.

Which of the following actions would allow the administrator to deploy the system plan from the old system

to the new?

A. Select the \’Ignore Hardware Validation\’ option when deploying the System Plan.

B. Use the System Plan Conversion Wizard from the System Plans menu on the HMC.

C. Export the original sysplan with the \’Allow Deployment On Remote System1 option.

D. Use the System Planning Tool (SPT) to validate and convert the original system plan for deployment.

Correct Answer: D


A customer with a small IT budget has one data center. Their main application is a database running on an

IBM System Storage DS8000. The database has a data change rate of 50% per day. Once a week, they

must do a point-in-time backup from the database to tape. The time it takes to run the backup now exceeds

the backup window allowed. The customer requests a proposal to reduce database downtime

caused by running backups, with nearly zero impact to production volumes. In addition to the tape backup,

which DS8000 feature should a technical specialist propose?

A. FlashCopy

B. FlashCopy SE

C. Metro Mirror

D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: A


What is the meaning of the highest schedule priority (PTYLMT) parameter, when set to 0 on the CHGJOB JOBPTY(0) command?

A. A job is moved to the very top of the job queue

B. A system job is moved to the very top of the processor queue

C. A batch job is put in *HLD status while it is on a job queue

D. The job\’s spooled files are moved to the very top of the output queue

Correct Answer: A


The following changes are made to a Worklight mobile application: 1.Web resources of version 1 (v1) are

updated and deployed to the Worklight Server. 2.A new version 2 (v2) is deployed with its updateSilently

property set to true. What will be the direct update user experience on a device running v1 of the

application when the user chooses to receive update?

A. v1 is uninstalled first followed by a silent installation of v2.

B. v1 web resources are updated first followed by a silent installation of v2.

C. v1 web resources are reloaded after the update and the application remains on v1.

D. The user is prompted to choose between updating v1 or installing v2 in the background.

Correct Answer: C


How do you stop recording?

A. click the Stop button in the Recording Session view

B. close the Recording Session view

C. close the browser or click the blue Stop button

D. close the browser and click the blue Stop button

Answer: C