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The threshold limit has been reached for the system ASP on a system running IBM i 7.1 . There are some disk units configured to a user ASP available. Business continuing policy prevents the administrator from stopping the system.

How could the system administrator correct the storage problem in the system ASP?

A. Increase the ASP threshold above the currently utilized storage.

B. Concurrently remove available disk units from user ASP using the “Remove units from configuration” SST option and add them to system ASP.

C. Switch to the backup system using an HA solution and restart the original system to DST. Remove the available disk units from user ASP and add them to system ASP.

D. Initiate a control panel function 21 to activate DST on the system console for the affected partition. Use the DST feature to compress the parity stripe to increase available storage.

Correct Answer: B


During a review of environmental requirements before ordering an IBM System z9 server and IBM System

Storage DS8700, the customer states that the available power is 220 volts AC. Which feature

should be included with the DS8700 order?

A. Low Voltage

B. High Voltage

C. Remote System z Power Control

D. Battery Assembly

Correct Answer: A


A system is being upgraded to newer hardware. What measurement can be used to make sure the new

system has the correct capacity excluding disk and network?


B. SPECint


D. rPerf

Correct Answer: C


A customer has bought an IBM System Storage DS8700 and wants to attach ten SuSE Linux Enterprise

Server hosts to the DS8700 with multiple paths. What is the Multipathing Driver the customer needs?

A. PowerPath

B. Subsystem Device Driver Device Specific Module

C. Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module

D. DeviceMapper Multipath

Correct Answer: D


Given the following code in an application\’s initOptions.js file:

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What is the expected result when starting the application on a device?

A. The onSuccess function will be invoked every time the application is loaded.

B. The WL.Client.init method will not be executed because WLJSX.bind is not supported in Worklight.

C. The onConnectionFailure function will be invoked, because the connectOnStartup property is set to


D. The server related function would not be available until the developer calls the WL.Client.reloadApp

function to invoke the serverconnection.

Correct Answer: A