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Which of the following is a valid statement concerning the WebSphere V6 High Availability

Manager ?

A. The HA Manager enhances the availability of WebSphere singleton services like transaction

services, JMS Message services, and Service integration Bus services.

B. The HA Manager runs as an enterprise application within each application server process that

monitors the “health” of WebSphere clusters.

C. In the event of a server failure, the HA Manager could failover the transaction service which

could recover in-flight transactions.

D. The HA Manager leverages latest storage technologies to provide fast recovery time of both

single and two-phase transactions

Answer: C


Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, which two integration

use cases are best addressed by IBM WebSphere Cast Iron? (Choose two.)

A. Resource metering

B. Exposition of services

C. Event and alert management

D. Orchestration for mobile solutions

E. Data migration to Software as a Service providers

Answer: B,E



Click the Exhibit button.

The Cloud Service Provider is a core role in the Cloud Computing Architecture who provides cloud

services to a consumer. What are two tasks in the Cloud Service Provider


A company-wide Certificate Authority (CA) provides its internal CA root and intermediary

certificates to the solution implementer to use for the creation of Validation Credentials that

validates several back end servers using SSL. The two lines of business in the company provide

services on two different domains on DataPower and two different banks of servers on the back

end. The requirement is to share a single copy of the CA certificates to create validation

credentials in two domains for both the lines of business to simplify maintenance. How can the

solution implementer satisfy the requirement?

A. Store the CA certificates in the sharedcert: folder from the default domain.

B. Store the CA certificates in the store:///cert folder from the default domain.

C. Create Validation Credentials in the default domain so it can be shared across all the domains.

D. Store the certificate in the cert: folder in any of the two domains and mark the certificate as


Answer: A



A performance analysis of a customer application revealed that the overhead of persistent HTTP

sessions was the main contributor to performance slow down. All of the following factors will help

with improving the performance of persistent HTTP session performance EXCEPT:

A. Reducing the size of the session object

B. Invalidating unneeded sessions

C. Increasing the memory available

D. Increasing the cache overflow size.

Answer: D