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A Worklight mobile application needs to aggregate news about stock symbols in a portfolio using Worklight

adapters and server-side JavaScript.

Given the following high-level schema for aggregation,

1.The application calls getPortfolioNews from the SQLPortfolioAdapter.

2.The SQLPortfolioAdapter retrieves a list of stock symbols in the portfolio from the adapter\’s SQL

datasource by calling getStockSymbolList.

a. For each of the stock symbols in the portfolio, The SQLPortfolioAdapter calls getStockNews from

HTTPStockNewsAdapter with the stock symbol as parameter.

b. HTTPStockNewsAdapter retrieves news from the stock news HTTP API and returns it to


3.SQLPortfolioAdapter returns portfolio news to the application.

Which procedure(s) must be declared in the SQLPortfolioAdapter.xml file?

A. getPortfolioNews

B. getPortfolioNews and getStockNews

C. getPortfolioNews and getStockSymbolList

D. getPortfolioNews, getStockSymbolList and getStockNews

Correct Answer: A


A company is setting up server-to-server communication between the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

(TSM) servers. Which three steps are part of the setup on a remote server? (Choose three.)

A. setserverport

B. setremotehost

C. setcommmethod

D. setserverlladdress

E. setserverpassword

F. setserverhladdress

Answer: D,E,F


An IBM System Storage DS8700 is being installed at a global corporation\’s headquarters location. The

storage must be available worldwide. A great deal of coordination is required to schedule this

implementation across the corporation. Who is best positioned to fill the role of implementation resource


A. IBM Service Support Representative

B. IBM Advanced Technical Support Representative


IBM Field Technical Support Representative

D. IT Manager of the customer

Correct Answer: D


Programmers working on a software development project frequently need to save their development library (LIBX) at the prior release level of the operating system.

The administrator needs to change the default value of the SAVLIB command parameter to accommodate the programmers” prior release save requirement.

The default value before the change was: SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS(*CURRENT) The default value after the change will be: SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS(*PRV)

What should the administrator do to facilitate the change?

A. Adjust the system value QFRCCVNRST (Force conversion on restore) to *PRV.

B. Use the Change Command Default (CHGCMDDFT) command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

C. Use the Save Restore Configuration (SAVRSTCFG) command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

D. Use the command WRKREGINF to modify the exit point program QIBM_SAV_SECURITY and change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator is designing a new system. Redundancy is critical, and cost must be kept as low as


The system planned is a Power 770 with 2 enclosures, each with a 10Gb IVE. It will support 6 dedicated

production LPARs, 8 development LPARs, and 2 VIO Servers. Production and development networks

must be separate from each other.

Which of the following network solutions supports the requirements above?

A. Utilize the Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapter in each enclosureAllocate 1 logical port from each IVE in

each enclosure to each LPAR and VIO ServerConfigure 802.1Q on each LPAR

B. Allocate Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapters ports to the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet

Adapter for production and another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs

C. Use dedicated Ethernet cards in each Production LPAR using Ether channelAllocate two dedicated

Ethernet cards to the VIO ServersCreate a SEA and use for development LPARs

D. Run dedicated adapters in the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet Adapter for production and

another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs.

Correct Answer: A