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Which of the following must a system administrator define when creating a JDBC provider at the

cluster scope?

A. All datasources for this JDBC provider at the cluster level.

B. An XA data source implementation type, for the JDBC driver.

C. The symbolic Variable used in the class path to the JDBC driver for each node in the cluster

D. The J2C authentication data entry for the datasource at the cluster scope.

Answer: C


On an IBM System Stoage DS8000 which of the following information pairs are mandatory to create a


A. extent pool id and volume id

B. extent pool id and volume name

C. volume id and extent allocation method

D. volume name and extent allocation method

Correct Answer: A


A bank wants to be able to dynamically change the behavior of its DataPower mediations for certain

services after they have been deployed to production to quickly respond to minor changes in back end

services. Towards this purpose, the solution implementer configured rules with a transform action that will

dynamically run pre-tested style sheets. What should the solution implementer use to satisfy this


A. evaluate() extension function

B. transform() extension function

C. pre-processing() extension function

D. statement to include it dynamically at run time if the file exists

Correct Answer: B


A system administrator has to determine the root cause of and decides to enable tracing

application server. How can the system administrator accomplish this task?

A. Inside the administrative console, click Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace and Select the

Runtime tab.

B. Inside the administrative console, click Troubleshooting -> Logs and Trace ->server ->

Diagnostic Trace and select the Runtime tab.

C. Edit the tracLog properties file and restart the application server.

D. This is not possible. The trace configuration of a running application server cannot be


Answer: B


Assume today\’s date is 10/10/2011. A Node has ONHAND inventory of 2 units of an item and is

expecting an additional inventory of 10 units on 10/15/2011. The node notification schedule is 7:00

AM every day and the node shift is 8 AM – 4 PM every day. The scheduling rule has “Line Ship

Complete” flag checked. If a customer places an order for 5 units of that item on 10/10/2011 at

3:00 PM, what is the expected date of shipment of the order?

A. 2 units on 10/10/2011 and 3 units on 10/15/2011

B. 2 units on 10/11/2011 and 3 units on 10/16/2011

C. 5 units on 10/15/2011

D. 5 units on 10/16/2011

Answer: C