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A group of companies want to define an XML vocabulary for exchanging catalog information

among them using XML. The companies want to have a single vocabulary that would allow each

company to provide some extra information that it wants to keep in its catalog entries. Which of

the following XML technologies can be used to solve this problem?

A. Document Object Model

B. XML Infoset

C. XML Namespaces

D. XML Schema

Answer: C, D


An Agent is configured to run on many Agent Servers with high threading levels expecting a high

volume of traffic. What happens if the volume of traffic became low?

A. The JMS queues would fill up with too many unprocessed transactions.

B. The system would slow down as there are too many processes running without work to do.

C. The Agent Server would automatically reduce the number of threads based on the number of


D. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite would automatically shutdown redundant agent

server instances.

Answer: B



Companycom is installing a p5 595 with AIX 5.3. The DLPAR option for the resources cannot be

selected on the HMC menus. However, the daemons are running on both the HMC and LPARs.

Which of the following is a prerequisite for DLPAR functionality?

A. The resources must be unallocated in an LPAR

B. The microcode on the pSeries must be current

C. All network adapters on the LPAR must be defined

D. Network connectivity and name resolution capability between HMC and LPARs

Answer: D


Which of the following are considered by the DOM API to be a leaf-level node without any child


A. Text

B. Element

C. Entity

D. EntityReference

E. Processinglnstruction

Answer: A, E


A customer with in-house developed applications has many custom commands in library APPLIB that relate to the application programs. As part of a system audit, the administrator needs to run a report to determine which user profiles have authority to run the commands. Given the application library APPLIB, which report from the Security Tools menu should the administrator use to complete this task?

A. Option 21 – Adopting Objects

B. Option 40 – Program Authority

C. Option 49- User Profile Authority

D. Option 25- Command Private Authority

Correct Answer: D