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An administrator notices the time stamp of service processor-related messages are significantly different

from other time stamps from events known to have occurred at the same time.

The system is HMC managed.

The HMC time zone shows the correct local time

IBM i shows the correct local time.

Where can the service processor time setting be verified?

A. In the QUTCOFFSET system value

B. In the ASMI date and time settings

C. In the Universal Time setting in System Service Tools

D. In the date and time setting for the managed system on the HMC Correct Answer: B


A customer is concerned about rising power costs, and the limited space they have left in the

computer room. They have been doing some research into virtualization and would like to know if

they should pursue this solution. Which of the following architectural features should be discussed

with them?

A. x3650 M3 servers and racks

B. x3550 M3 servers, VMware and racks

C. BladeCenter, blades and VMware

D. x3620 M3 servers and VMware

Answer: C


How do you set the condition in an if-then statement?

A. use the value of a string or a reference to control executing specified HTTP requests

B. select a reference that has been previously defined in the test

C. enter a string that has been previously defined in the test

D. set a condition that can be evaluated to be true or false

Answer: A


When creating a new LPAR, what should be considered when setting the maximum value for memory?

A. On a given system, by default the Hypervisor reserves 2.5GB of the system memory, regardless of the

maximum memory allocation for an LPAR.

B. The maximum memory value should be a multiple of the desired memory and the Logical Memory

Block (LMB) to ensure minimal Hypervisor memory overhead.

C. The Hypervisor will reserve a fraction of the maximum memory value for page tables.

D. Where the maximum value exceeds 32GB, the Barrier Synchronization Register value needs to be set

appropriately in the LPAR profile.

Correct Answer: C


The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite Application is using Oracle Database on a Real

Application Cluster (RAC) platform with 2 nodes. There was a RAC server instance failure and the

Application, Agent and Integration Servers are stopped with a SQL error message for the active

transactions. What should the administrator do when the RAC instance is available on the standby


A. Restart only the Agent Servers.

B. Restart only the Application Server.

C. Restart only the Integration Servers.

D. Restart the Application, Agent and Integration Servers.

E. No action is needed. The Application, Agent and Integration Servers will automatically

reconnect to the standby node.

Answer: E