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Which three factors determine the response time for a WebSEAL instance? (Choose


A. expired license

B. slow back-end application

C. slow network connections

D. clients that are slow to read a large response

E. user entering data slowly through the keyboard

F. Application Response Measurement not being configured correctly

Answer: B,C,D



The high level solution document indicates that the WebSEAL deployment must be highly

available and that user sessions will be maintained across multiple WebSEAL servers to

enhance the user experience when a WebSEAL becomes unavailable. What is included in

the high level configuration document to satisfy these requirements?

A. the use of load balancers

B. the use of LDAP replication

C. the use of a WebSEAL cluster

D. the use of a Policy Server cluster

Answer: C



What must be specified to create an extent pool?

A. blocksize, rank group, and name


storage type, rank group, and name


storage type, capacity, and rank group


capacity, name, and storage type

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following XSL FO elements represent block level elements?

A. fo:block

B. fo:flow

C. fo:table

D. to:table-and-caption

E. fo:page-sequence

Answer: A, C, D


A customer is using the WebSphere V6 Default messaging provider as the messaging service.

The customer has the following configuration. Cell C1 has Bus A and B, whereas Cell C2 has Bus

C. All of the following are supported optional EXCEPT.

A. Configuring a link between Bus A and Bus B.

B. Configuring WebSphere MQ as a Foreign bus.

C. Configuring a link between Bus b AND Bus C.

D. Running a JMS Client on Bus A that gets messages from a destination on Bus C.

Answer: D