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How should an XML developer store binary data which has been encoded (as base64) as the

content of an element


A healthcare provider has two applications that they need to redundantly protect in a SAN environment.

Their patient record application runs on Oracle 11i and consists of many small, randomly accessed files.

The database is kept on three clustered Sun servers and currently uses 30 TB of data space. Their

imaging application that retains and manages x-rays, consists of Filenet, CommonStore, and TSM

running on an IBM Power750 server, and is currently using 65 TB of data space. Which of the following

disk solutions meets the customer\’s requirement?

A. IBM System Storage DS8700 2 way

B. IBM System Storage DCS9900

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 4 way

D. IBM XIV Storage System

Correct Answer: C

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A company has DataPower XI52 physical appliances supporting its production environment. The

only optional feature that these appliances support is the Option for Application Optimization. The

company also uses DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition for Non Production

Environment for its development and test environment. Development management is concerned

about their developers using features on the virtual appliance that are not licensed on the

production appliances. How can the solution implementer restrict the use of specific features on

the virtual appliances?

A. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and reinitialize the appliance.

B. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and perform a boot image.

C. Download the appropriate feature_disable_tool.scrypt4 tools from IBM Fix Central. Upload each

tool to the virtual appliance and perform aboot image.

D. Copy the store:///license.xml file from a production appliance to the virtual appliance to limit the

virtual appliance to the production appliance\’slicensed features.

Answer: C



Which utility is available to list archive data, service information, and configuration

information within IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1?

A. pdinfo

B. pdbackup

C. pdversion

D. tar -tvf

Answer: B



What should an administrator do to enable remote SQL between IBM i systems?

A. Create a *RMTSQL device description for the target system.

B. Use ADDRDBDIRE to add remote locations for the target system.

C. Create a DDM Pile in QUSRSYS with the name of the target system.

D. Use CRTCPGL to create a *RMTSQL type configuration list and add the target system to the list.

Correct Answer: B