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A BPM application developer wants to reuse error handling flows for common errors that can be raised by

any activity in a business process diagram and its subprocesses. How should the BPM application

developer implement error handling?

A. Create an event subprocess with the error handling flow and specify the errors to be handled in the

properties of the error start event.

B. Place an error event subprocess with the error handling flow in a toolkit and ensure a dependency to

the toolkit is added to the processapplication.

C. Place an error intermediate event as part of the service flow for all services that implement the

activities. Connect the flow from those events tothe same subprocess containing the error handling


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D. Attach intermediate events to all activities, specify the errors to be handled and connect the flow from

those events to the same subprocesscontaining the error handling flow.

Correct Answer: A


The Business Partner technical specialist is planning the space requirements for a new IBM DS8000. The

service clearance requirements refer to the area required to .

A. open the service covers and pull components for maintenance

B. distribute the weight of the storage unit

C. place the storage unit


allow the right airflow

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator is reviewing a checklist of actions that should occur during the federation

process. The system administrator notes that all of the following checklist actions are correct


A. The node is added to the cell

B. The node agent and application server are started

C. The application server becomes a managed server in the cell

D. The application server is stopped, and a new node agent is created.

Answer: B


A solution implementer has created a stylesheet as shown in the following exhibit.

Which output would be generated when the above XML is transformed by the given stylesheet?







Correct Answer: C


The solution implementer wants to create a web service that uses SOAP over HTTP on the front

end, and WebSphere MQ on the back end to integrate with an existing legacy application. The

solution implementer wants to add a new WSDL to the existing web service proxy service to route

traffic to an MQ queue. How does the solution implementer meet this requirement?

A. Use the Backend URL MQ helper to build the proper back end URL.

B. Add the new WSDL and use the endpoint referenced by the WSDL.

C. Add the new WSDL and create a new back end URL using the dpmq:// syntax.

D. Add the new service operations to the existing WSDL and create a new MQ back end URL.

Answer: C