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Given the following code in an application\’s initOptions.js file:

What is the expected result when starting the application on a device?

A. The onSuccess function will be invoked every time the application is loaded.

B. The WL.Client.init method will not be executed because WLJSX.bind is not supported in Worklight.


The onConnectionFailure function will be invoked, because the connectOnStartup property is set to


D. The server related function would not be available until the developer calls the

WL.Client.reloadApp function to invoke the serverconnection.

Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer is configuring a AAA Policy to secure a DataPower service. Why would the

solution implementer configure Mapping Authentication Credentials and Mapping Requested

Resources in the DataPower AAA Policy? (choose 2)

A. To map the requested resource to the correct backend URL for dynamic message routing.

B. To map the requested resource from a legacy operation name to a new operation name to

allow correct authorization.

C. To map the authenticated credentials to an alternative security token to insert into the message

payload for authorization.

D. To map the authenticated credentials from a DN-formatted LDAP response to a username for

Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) authorization.

E. To map the authenticated credentials to mediate the security headers of two different protocols

(for example from HTTP headers to MQMD).

Answer: B,D



Which stage classifies data rows from a single input into groups and computes totals?

A. Modify stage

B. Compare stage

C. Aggregator stage

D. Transformer stage

Answer: C



Select the appropriate IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance based on the following

requirements/specified use case: ?Used only for development and test environments ?Runs under

a VMware hypervisor ?Does not require Hardware Security Module (HSM) support ?Does not

require hardware acceleration support for cryptographic operations

A. B2B Appliance XB62

B. Service Gateway Appliance XG45

C. Integration Appliance XI52

D. Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition

Answer: D



What stage allows for more than one reject link?

A. Join stage

B. Merge stage

C. Lookup stage

D. Funnel stage

Answer: B