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Which option best demonstrates a use case for block storage?

A. Backup

B. Video streaming

C. Transactional applications

D. Archive and disaster recovery

Answer: C



A Business Partner is proposing the installation an IBM XIV Storage System at a customer location. What

is the best time to discuss floor space requirements for the solution?

A. during the Technical Delivery and Assessment

B. during installation of the equipment


prior to delivery of the XIV


during the solution proposal

Correct Answer: A


A job design consists of an input Row Generator stage, a Sort stage, followed by a Transformer

stage and an output Data Set stage. The job is run on an SMP machine with a configuration file

defined with four nodes. The $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION variable is set to True. How many

player processes will this job generate?

A. 7

B. 16

C. 13

D. 16

Answer: C



What is the result of running the following command: dsjob -report DSProject ProcData

A. Generates a report about the ProcData job, including information about its stages and links.

B. Returns a report of the last run of the ProcData job in a DataStage project named DSProject.

C. Runs the DataStage job named ProcData and returns performance information, including the

number of rows processed.

D. Runs the DataStage job named ProcData and returns job status information, including whether

the job aborted or ran without warnings.

Answer: B



Which statement is true about managing clustered virtual machines running in a cloud computing


A. New strategy is required for managing virtual machines running in a cloud.

B. The strategy for managing virtual machines is no different that managing physical resources.

C. The availability of a virtual machine is dependent upon the hypervisor on which the VM is


D. The change in the boundaries of a cluster of virtual machines has no impact on the

management tooling.

Answer: B