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When planning for virtual disk redundancy on an AIX LPAR, which solution would provide the highest


A. N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)

B. MPIO through redundant VIO Servers

C. Disk mirroring on the VIO Servers providing the virtual disks

D. Distinct vhost provided for each disk allocated by the VIO Servers

Correct Answer: B


A small IBM i partition has batch jobs in subsystem QBATCH that occasionally have very high CPU usage

(more than 50%), impacting system performance.

The administrator needs to be able to observe these jobs on a 5250 session when they occur.

Which steps should the administrator take to display the jobs when they occur?

A. WRKACTJOB SBS(QBATCH) CPUPCTLMT(50) INTER VAL(10) and press E19 for auto refresh.

B. WRKSYSACT SBS(QBATCH), enter 50 in the CPU Filter field1 and press F19 for auto refresh.

C. WRKSYSACT, P20 to subset, include QBATCH, set the CPU Filter to 50% and press PIO for auto refresh.

D. WRKACTJOB, press P20 to subset, enter 50% for the CPU, use P16 to sequence by subsystem and press P19 for auto refresh.

Correct Answer: A


The system administrator overseeing the IBM Sterling Order Management installation has

requested that the QA team provide a version number with each build deployed to production. This

version number will then be used to ascertain the version of the configuration present in

production. How should the QA manager satisfy this request?

A. The QA manager does not have to do anything because the version number is inserted

automatically by the build process into the web.xml fileand will be made available by the

application server.

B. The QA manager should request the development team implement a user exit of the

getSystemProperties API such that the API will return theversion number of the configuration

currently deployed.

C. The QA manager should use the data versioning feature provided by the Configuration

Deployment Toolkit. The system administrator can thenlaunch the Applications Manager to view

the version details.

D. The configuration version number should be present in a custom table and updated with each

build. The APIs generated by the IBM SterlingOrder Management database extensibility

framework can be used by the system administrator to identify the version.

Answer: C



An SLM Policy has been associated with a web service proxy to restrict access to a backend web

service if one of a number of conditions has been met. The list of conditions are described in a

series of SLM statements. What Evaluation Method must the solution implementer select in the

SLM Policy to ensure that every SLM statement is checked until a throttle condition is executed?

A. terminate-at-first-filter

B. terminate-at-first-reject

C. terminate-at-first-action

D. terminate-at-first-refuse

Answer: B



The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite is to be deployed on WebSphere Application Server

and use the Application Server Connection Pooling for accessing the database. In which property

file does the datasource name need to be defined?

A. yfs.properties

B. jdbc.properties

C. dbclassCache.properties

D. customer_overrides.properties

Answer: D