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What is a key consideration for using a loop in a test?

A. be sure to preserve the test flow and logic

B. select statements to be enclosed in the loop

C. set parameters for pacing the loop

D. calculate the correct number of loop iterations for the expected duration of the test

Answer: A


A Power Systems server has two HMCs connected to its Flexible Service Processor (FSP). It is decided to

upgrade one of them to a later hardware version. The 7042-CR3 is disconnected and the new 7042- CR6

is connected in its place. The new HMC successfully discovers the managed server but some operations

including DLPAR are failing.

Which action will allow the managed server and HMC to establish new RMC configurations?

A. Run “/usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/recfgct” in each LPAR.

B. Run “refresh -s IBM DRM” in each LPAR

C. Use the “Reset Or Remove Connection” panel on the HMC.

D. Reset the RMC connection in the Console menu option in ASMI

Correct Answer: A


A Business Partner has proposed an IBM System Storage DS8700 that will have several AIX, Windows,

and Sun Solaris servers attached via SAN. The customer has asked for detailed documentation on the

steps needed to install the latest adapter drivers. What is the best document the Business Partner can

suggest to accomplish this requirement?

A. the IBM System Storage DS8000 Interoperability Matrix

B. the IBM System Storage DS8000 Introduction and Planning Guide

C. the IBM System Storage DS8000 Host System Attachment Guide

D. the IBM System Storage DS8000 User\’s Guide

Correct Answer: C


Two heterogeneous business partner applications interface with each other using XML data. The

binding contract for the structure of the data between the two applications is MOST likely to be:



C. XML Schema.

D. XML Information Set.

Answer: C


When using an XML parser in a custom XML processing module, the SAX parser interface is

MOST useful when:

A. Documents must be processed in a nonlinear fashion.

B. Processor memory is not an issue.

C. Serial processing of the XML documents is sufficient.

D. The output of the process is an XML document.

Answer: C