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A customer called a WebSphere support analyst and asked about J2EE extensions. The analyst

said that these extensions are included with Programming Model Extension (PME) which is part

of WebSphere Application Server V6. The analyst also mentioned of the included extensions, but

made a mistake on one of the extensions. All of the following are correct EXCEPT:

A. Asynchronous beans offer performance enhancements for resource-Intensive tasks by

enabling single tasks to run as multiple tasks.

B. Startup beans allow the automatic execution of business logic when the node agent starts or


C. Internationalization service is a WebSphere extension that allows one to automatically

recognize the time zone and locale information of a calling client.

D. Scheduler service is a WebSphere programming extension responsible for starting actions at

specific times or intervals.

Answer: B


A solution implementer needs to configure SSL mutual authentication between DataPower and a

secure backend server. The secure backend server requires the client to send a certificate for

authentication. What step must the solution implementer take to allow SSL mutual authentication

when DataPower acts as the client in this scenario?

A. Set the ciphers list to “HIGH” in the crypto profile.

B. Configure the SSL proxy profile to be in “two-way” mode.

C. Configure an identification credentials object to allow the verification of client identity.

D. Enable the “Permit Connections to Insecure SSL Servers” setting in the SSL proxy profile.

Answer: C



When debugging an SSL handshake using a packet capture, it is observed that there is a Client

HELLO message followed by a Server HELLO message. Each of those packets have an

associated Session ID that is different from each other. What does this indicate to the solution


A. The server is not ready to do session caching.

B. The SSL handshake is not required because of session caching.

C. A new SSL session and a full handshake will be performed.

D. A resumed SSL session and a shorter SSL handshake will be performed.

Answer: C



A customer wants to collect performance data from a newly installed IBM System Storage DS8700 to

determine if the system meets expected benchmarks using their application test data. Which tool best

gathers the performance data?

A. IBM DS Storage Manager

B. Tivoli Storage Resource Manager

C. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

Correct Answer: C


Companycom tells the technical sales specialist that recent announcements state that virtual lan

in the datacenter is the best option. The customer wants to use interpartition communication to

save on adapters and increase performance. The systems are going to have shared and

dedicated processor partitions. Some of the partitions will be running AIX 5.2 and some will be

running AIX 5.3. The second p5 590 will be running a mixture of AIX 5.3 and Linux partitions with

2.6 kernel. What limitations of vlan/interpartition communication should be discussed with this


A. Virtual Ethernet uses the system processors for all communication functions instead of

offloading that load to processors on network adapter cards. Virtual Ethernet is supported on

AIX 5L and Linux 2.5 and above.

B. Virtual Ethernet can be used within groups of shared OR groups of dedicated processor

partitions, but not both simultaneously. Virtual Ethernet comes with AIX 5L, and is supported in

AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 partitions, but not Linux.

C. Virtual Ethernet can be used in both shared and dedicated processor partitions. Virtual

Ethernet can run in an AIX 5.3 or Linux 2.6 Kernel, but not AIX 5.2 partitions. Virtual Ethernet

can only connect partitions within a single system.

D. Virtual Ethernet uses the system processors for all communication functions instead of

offloading that load to processors on network adapter cards. Virtual Ethernet can connect

partitions between systems if the HMC is shared between systems.

Answer: C