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A Worklight mobile application needs to aggregate news about stock symbols in a portfolio using Worklight

adapters and server-side JavaScript. — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

Given the following high-level schema for aggregation,

1.The application calls getPortfolioNews from the SQLPortfolioAdapter.

2.The SQLPortfolioAdapter retrieves a list of stock symbols in the portfolio from the adapter\’s SQL

datasource by calling getStockSymbolList.

a. For each of the stock symbols in the portfolio, The SQLPortfolioAdapter calls getStockNews from

HTTPStockNewsAdapter with the stock symbol as parameter.

b. HTTPStockNewsAdapter retrieves news from the stock news HTTP API and returns it to


3.SQLPortfolioAdapter returns portfolio news to the application.

Which procedure(s) must be declared in the SQLPortfolioAdapter.xml file?

A. getPortfolioNews

B. getPortfolioNews and getStockNews

C. getPortfolioNews and getStockSymbolList

D. getPortfolioNews, getStockSymbolList and getStockNews

Correct Answer: A


A developer creates an asynchronous service that reads the contents of a flat file and stores it in a

JMS queue. Which type of connector node should be used to connect the File I/O node to the JMS


A. End node

B. Start node

C. File I/O node

D. Pass-through node

Answer: D



A seller can be configured to create a chained order if inventory can be procured from a different

Vendor. IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite provides configuration to suppress chained

order creation even though the seller requires chained order. Which organization level is most

appropriate for setting this configuration?

A. Node Level

B. Buyer Level

C. Carrier Level

D. Enterprise Level

Answer: D



An administrator has installed a new client partition and has used vSCSI to provide the disk for rootvg. The

rootvg consists of one single disk, hdisk0, which is provided using a single SAN device presented to a dual

VIO server configuration. The client virtual SCSI adapters are vscsi0 and vscsi1The administrator would

like to prioritize I/O traffic for vscsi0.Running which command will achieve this?

A. chdev

B. chvpath

C. chpath

D. chattr

Correct Answer: C


A system administrator was asked to develop necessary artifacts to install WebSphere

Application Server V6 Network Deployment Package, create custom profile and federate to the

existing deployment manager. Silent installation scripts (response files) must be used. What is

the BEST approach to accomplish this task without using UI based tools?

A. Create a response file that installs product binaries, create the custom profile and federates

the node.

B. Create two response files. The first one installs product binaries and calls the second response

file that create the custom profile and federates the node.

C. Create a response file that installs product binaries, use profile creation wizard to create the

custom profile and federate the node from the deployment manager\’s administrative console.

D. Install product binaries using installation wizard and create a response file to create the

custom profile and federate the node.

Answer: B