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During a review of environmental requirements before ordering an IBM System z9 server and IBM System

Storage DS8700, the customer states that the available power is 220 volts AC. Which feature

should be included with the DS8700 order?

A. Low Voltage

B. High Voltage

C. Remote System z Power Control

D. Battery Assembly

Correct Answer: A


A customer\’s new IBM System Storage DS8000 must be raised by two floors in the building to place it in

the computer room. In order to simplify the physical delivery, the storage specialist asks for .


a quotation for extra delivery services

B. the addition to the configuration of the feature “Shipping weight reduction” at no charge


an order of the DS8000 with the minimum number of drive sets allowed and an MES order for the

remaining drive sets needed


an RPQ order to receive frames and drive sets separately

Correct Answer: B


A customer has an IBM System Storage Enterprise Storage Server and several EMC CX3 systems

installed in a data center, attached to IBM System p servers. As a step toward data consolidation, they

intend to put all data on a new DS8700. What would be the most important data migration factors to


A. sector size and the amount of production data

B. existing RAID levels and the disk drive speed

C. sector size and existing RAID levels

D. amount of production data and the disk drive speed

Correct Answer: D


An administrator added a memory pool to a subsystem using the CHGSBSD SBSD(SBSA) POQLS((5 *SHRPOQL1 *N)) command. How can the administrator increase the activity level to 50 for the newly added memory pool?

A. Set maximum activity level in WRKSYSACT.

B. Use the activity level option in CHGSHRPOOL.

C. Change the maximum active jobs using CHGSBSD.

D. Set maximum activity using the CHGACTLVL command.

Correct Answer: B


A customer is using the WebSphere V6 Default messaging provider as the messaging service.

The customer has the following configuration. Cell C1 has Bus A and B, whereas Cell C2 has Bus

C. All of the following are supported optional EXCEPT.

A. Configuring a link between Bus A and Bus B.

B. Configuring WebSphere MQ as a Foreign bus.

C. Configuring a link between Bus b AND Bus C.

D. Running a JMS Client on Bus A that gets messages from a destination on Bus C.

Answer: D