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In a Transformer expression for a stage variable, there is a nullable input column. Assume the

legacy NULL processing option is turned off. What happens when a row is processed that contains

NULL in that input column?

A. The job aborts.

B. The row is rejected.

C. NULL is written to the stage variable.

D. The value written to the stage variable is undetermined.

Answer: C



Which costing model is leveraged to provide cost efficiency in the public cloud computing model?

A. Capital Expenditure

B. Investment Expenditure

C. Operational Expenditure

D. Reserve Capital Expenditure

Answer: C



Which two components are created during configuration of space-efficient storage in an extent pool?


volume and virtual space

B. background copy and target copy


virtual space and repository space


source volume and target volume

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following sets of parameters can a system administrator adjust in order to directly

improve performance for the EJB container?

A. Cache size, cache cleanup interval

B. Datasource connection pool, server JVM size

C. Session timeout, HTTP session object size

D. Transaction lifetime, client inactivity timeout

Answer: A


A retailer needs different types of items to be associated with their corresponding provided

services. For example, all the televisions need to be associated with an installation service,

whereas microwaves need to be associated with a product demo service. What should be created

to help achieve this?

A. Create an asset for the item contains the associated service.

B. Create an item classification with the purpose set asservice Association

C. Create item attributes for each item type with purpose set asservice Association

D. Create item categories for each item type with purpose set asservice Association

Answer: B