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Your job will write its output to a fixed length data file. When configuring the sequential file stage

as a target what format and column tab properties need to be considered for this type of file


A. On the Output Link format tab, change the \’Delimiter\’ property to whitespace.

B. On the Output Link format tab, add the \’Record Type\’ property to the tree and set its value to be


C. On the Output Link column tab, insure that all the defined column data types are fixed length


D. On the Output Link column tab, specify the record size total based on all of the columns defined

Answer: C



What role must a user have to delete shared metadata assets from the repository?

A. DataStage Administrator

B. Business Glossary Administrator C.

Common Metadata Administrator D.

Information Analyzer Administrator

Answer: C



A system administrator is making sure that the SSL communications between the plug-in and the

application server are as secure as possible. While configuring SSL for the plug-in what steps

should be taken to ensure the BEST possible security?

A. Replace the private key

B. Replace the plugin-key kdb file

C. Remove the public key

D. Remove the DummyKeyring kdb file

Answer: B


Peter to the exhibit to answer the question.

1. Using YourCo marketplace, companies can quickly search and locate products and services


2. Once a company finds a products or service suitable for their need, the company can solicit

pricing information (quotations) from various sellers.

3. Multiple sellers of a same kind product or service can bid to sell a product.

4. Once the company finalizes the desired product(s), price and seller, it notifies the seller sends

an invoice to the customer.

5. The marketplace interacts with banks on behalf of the sellers and buyers to execute the

financial transitions of an exchange.

XML will be used extensively for data exchange between heterogeneous entities.

The goals of the design are to produce a stable and efficient e-commerce site. Which of the

following technologies would MOST LIKELY improve the design or performance of the XML-

based e-commerce application?

A. XML Query

B. XML Schema

C. XSL Format Objects



Answer: B, D, E


On-premise and off-premise clouds are formed by which type of connection?

A. Wide Area Network (WAN)

B. Local Area Network (LAN)

C. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

D. Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

Answer: A