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A developer has created a Worklight mobile application and wants to use the Android Virtual Device (AVD) — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

emulator to test it. To accomplish this, the developer has installed the ADT plug-in, Android 4.0 SDK

platform and created an Android environment for the application. What else does the developer need to do

before the AVD emulator can be used to test the application?

A. Export the application\’s .apk file to AVD Manager.

B. Use the AVD Manager to create an AVD for the Android 4.0 SDK platform.

C. Set the android:minSdkVersion property to “4.0” in the application\’s AndroidManifest.xml file.

D. No additional action is required. Worklight Studio automatically creates an AVD for the installed Android

SDK platform.

Correct Answer: B


A customer selected option 21 from the SAVE menu, entered their tape library TAPMLBO1 and selected to start the backup immediately. They receive the message “*MOUNTED not correct.” What should the administrator do before restarting the save?

A. Use SETTAPOGY to the desired tape category.

B. In WRKMLBSTS allocate the tape drive resource.

C. Initialize the tape to correctly match the cartridge ID.

D. Assure that at least two tapes are ready and initialized in the library.

Correct Answer: A


The element of an HTTP adapter that is accessing a back-end RESTful service is defined

as follows:

Which additional element must be defined as part of the element?

A. element, to define the user credentials

B. element, to declare the procedures for this adapter

C. element, to specify the path to the RESTful service and its query parameters

D. element, to limit the number of concurrent connections to the back-end

Correct Answer: D


Some system values were changed as the result of an audit. The administrator noticed that saves are faster, but that recoveries now take longer to complete. Which system value setting would cause this to happen?

A. Setting the QDSKCMP system value to 1 to compress the data on disk

B. Setting the QPERADJ system value to 2 to dynamically adjust the performance

C. Setting the QSAVACCPTH system value to 0 indicates that access paths will not be saved

D. Setting the QALWQBJRST system value to *ALWVLDERR to allow the restore of programs with validation errors to be restored

Correct Answer: C


A DataPower application is to be deployed to development, test, pre-production, and production

environments. The solution implementer has the requirement to make the application migration

easier and portable. What can the solution implementer use to accomplish this?

A. Unique System Identifiers and map variables to each system identifier

B. Explicit IP Address in Front Side Handler and Back End Remote Host

C. Deployment Policy, Host Alias, Static Host, and externalize end points

D. SLM Policy, Configuration Checkpoints, and Compare Configuration tool

Answer: C