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Which IBM host-based device driver allows for path failover, while also providing dynamic load balancing

on a Windows 2000-based server?

A. PowerPath





Correct Answer: D


A customer has the following equipment installed in their data center:

–an IBM BladeCenter H chassis

–two power supplies

–six LS21 blades

–twoNortel L27 GESMs

The customer purchased a new LS22 7901 blade server and a BladeCenter Storage and I/O (SIO)

Expansion blade with two 146GB SAS drives. The customer is now unable to load a supported

network operating system to the LS22. Which of the following must be done so the operating

system can be successfully loaded?

A. add two additional power supplies

B. update the BIOS and firmware of the LS22

C. use theServeRAID Manager to create the RAID array

D. use theServerGuide CD to install the operating system

Answer: A


A customer selected option 21 from the SAVE menu, entered their tape library TAPMLBO1 and selected to start the backup immediately. They receive the message “*MOUNTED not correct.” What should the administrator do before restarting the save?

A. Use SETTAPOGY to the desired tape category.

B. In WRKMLBSTS allocate the tape drive resource.

C. Initialize the tape to correctly match the cartridge ID.

D. Assure that at least two tapes are ready and initialized in the library.

Correct Answer: A


Given the following code in an application\’s initOptions.js file:

What is the expected result when starting the application on a device?

A. The onSuccess function will be invoked every time the application is loaded.

B. The WL.Client.init method will not be executed because WLJSX.bind is not supported in Worklight.


The onConnectionFailure function will be invoked, because the connectOnStartup property is set to


D. The server related function would not be available until the developer calls the

WL.Client.reloadApp function to invoke the serverconnection.

Correct Answer: A


A healthcare provider has two applications that they need to redundantly protect in a SAN environment.

Their patient record application runs on Oracle 11i and consists of many small, randomly accessed files.

The database is kept on three clustered Sun servers and currently uses 30 TB of data space. Their

imaging application that retains and manages x-rays, consists of Filenet, CommonStore, and TSM

running on an IBM Power750 server, and is currently using 65 TB of data space. Which of the following

disk solutions meets the customer\’s requirement?

A. IBM System Storage DS8700 2 way

B. IBM System Storage DCS9900

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 4 way

D. IBM XIV Storage System

Correct Answer: C

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