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Which component is optional when building a Software as a Service solution?

A. Third-party authentication

B. Subscription management

C. Automatic service provisioning

D. Self-service catalog/Web storefront

Answer: A



What is the default keystore type used by IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business


A. jks

B. kdb

C. cms

D. pks12

Answer: C



A customer wants to purchase an IBM System Storage DS8000. The proposed location is in a data center

on the third floor of an office building. Which document should the storage specialist consult to ensure that

the DS8000 can be installed in the proposed location?

A. IBM Announcement Letters

B. IBM DS8000 Installation Guide

C. IBM DS8000 Introduction and Planning Guide

D. IBM Systems Storage Solutions Handbook

Correct Answer: C


Your job sequence must be restartable. It runs Job1, Job2, and Job3 serially. It has been compiled

with “Add checkpoints so sequence is restartable”. Job1 must execute every run even after a

failure. Which two properties must be selected to ensure that Job1 is run each time, even after a

failure? (Choose two.)

A. Set the Job1 Activity stage to “Do not checkpoint run”.

B. Set trigger on the Job1 Activity stage to “Unconditional”.

C. In the Job1 Activity stage set the Execution action to “Run”.

D. In the Job1 Activity stage set the Execution action to “Reset if required, then run”.

E. Use the Nested Condition Activity with a trigger leading to Job1; set the trigger expression type

to “Unconditional”.

Answer: A,D



What does the SET ACTLOGRETENTION command do?

A. It specifies the number of messages in the activity log.

B. It specifies a time period in which messages have been generated.

C. It specifies the default time to show all activities that have occurred.

D. It specifies how much activity log information is kept in the database.

Answer: D