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Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

A store has multiple cash registers. At any one time, a register can be closed (no clerk is

assigned to it) or open (one clerk is assigned to it). When the business is open, customers can

purchase one or more of each of a set of products (with a price and unique ID) at any cash

register. Each of these purchase events is called a sales transaction (with a unique ID and a start

time), which contains a collection of line items – one for each quantity of a type of product

purchased, such as three (3) pencils (product code 9-P05) @ $.50 each, for a line item amount of


Which of the following XML Schema constraints could satisfy part of the requirements?

A. <xsd:element ref=


A GUI Editor for editing XML documents is being built. It has a view where the XML document

can be presented in a tree form. One of the requirements is that a user should be able to visually

select one or more nodes, and cut and paste them into another destination node. A parser that

conforms to the DOM API implementation is used for XML processing. Which of the following

types provided by the DOM API can be BEST used to temporarily store the nodes that have been

cut and later to append them to the destination node?

A. Document

B. DocumentFragment

C. NodeList

D. NodeMap

Answer: B


A system administrator wishes to create a configuration archive in order to create a similar

configuration on another system. Using the “Admin Task exportServer” functionality within

wsadmin, it is possible to export a configuration archive for which of the following items?

A. An application module

B. An enterprise application

C. A stand-alone application Server

D. A federated profile

Answer: C


A developer previewing a Worklight application for an Android device in the Mobile Browser Simulator now

wants to preview the application for an iOS device. Is it possible to preview the application for both devices

on a same page of the Mobile Browser Simulator?

A. No because the developer can view only one device at a time.

B. Yes by clicking the Add Device button to select another device.

C. Yes by enabling the User Agent switching to select another device.


Yes by adding another device in the Device section of the Cordova API plugin.

Correct Answer: B


Given the following code in an application\’s initOptions.js file:

What is the expected result when starting the application on a device?

A. The onSuccess function will be invoked every time the application is loaded.

B. The WL.Client.init method will not be executed because WLJSX.bind is not supported in Worklight.


The onConnectionFailure function will be invoked, because the connectOnStartup property is set to


D. The server related function would not be available until the developer calls the

WL.Client.reloadApp function to invoke the serverconnection.

Correct Answer: A