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A customer has multiple applications on multiple open platforms in their current environment based on IBM

System Storage DS8100. They plan to set up a business continuity solution that meets the objective of

zero or little data loss for their business critical data. The customer has indicated that cost is a factor.

What should the storage specialist recommend?


a DS8700 in the Business Continuity site with a Metro Mirror license


a DS8700 with SAN Volume Controller in the Business Continuity site

C. a DS8700 in the Business Continuity site with Global Copy license

D. two new DS5300 servers (production and Business Continuity site) with a Global Copy license

Correct Answer: A


A customer has requested an IBM System Storage DS8700 solution to meet the following requirements:

-20% yearly growth

-29,000 IOPS

-approximately 50/50 mix of read/write operations

-small (4 KB) data transfers The storage specialist has created a Disk Magic model in which each port is

capable of approximately 2,900 to 3,100 IOPS. What is the minimum number of ports that should be

configured on the DS8700 to handle the projected workload for the first year?

A. 8

B. 10

C. 12

D. 16

Correct Answer: C


A WPAR environment is being planned. The WPARs will run applications which are to be completely

contained since the network is insecure. How would this be structured?

A. WPARs are to be accessed only through the global environment with a clogin.

B. A private network is automatically configured from the global environment to each WPAR.

C. The localnet attribute will be used on WPAR creation from the global environment.

D. Inside the WPAR, the net_login attribute of sys0 will be set to false.

Correct Answer: A


A healthcare customer has an IBM System i server and an HP-UX server. They have high performance I/

O, image-based, and archival applications. The customer has asked the IBM team for guidance on IBM

DS8000 disk technologies. Which DS8000 disk technology would provide the best performance without

regard to cost to meet the customer requirement?

A. 73 GB 15k and 300 GB 15k drives

B. 73 GB SSD and 2TB 7.2k drives


146 GB 15k and 300 GB 15k drives


146 GB 15k and 2TB 7.2k drives

Correct Answer: B


An administrator has created a virtual media repository to hold images for a file backed virtual optical

device. The administrator would now like to load an ISO image, aix7.iso into the repository.

Which of the following commands will achieve this?

A. loadsp -sp aix7 -fb aix7.iso

B. loadopt -vtd aix7 -disk aix7.iso

C. mkrep -vopt aix7 -file aix7.iso -fb

D. mkvopt -name aix7 -file aix7.iso -ro

Correct Answer: D