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A mainframe customer would like to receive a proposal for a mainframe storage system with 120 TB raw

capacity. The mainframe server load is not too high, and they need hard disk drives with the lowest

possible power consumption to keep operating costs low. The customer will not increase the capacity of

their mainframe applications in the future but rather invest later into their System p servers. Which of the

following solutions best meets these requirements at the lowest cost?

A. offer a DS8700 system with 600 GB FC drives

B. offer a DS8800 system with standard cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

C. offer a DS8800 system with business class cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

D. offer a DS8800 system with SATA drives

Correct Answer: C


A customer is in the process of configuring a redundant pair of VIO Servers. They need to test that SEA

failover has been correctly enabled.

Which command can the padmin UserID use to verify which SEA is currently the primary interface?

A. entstat

B. fcstat

C. seastat

D. vasistat

Correct Answer: A


How should a storage specialist access the Storage Manager console for a new IBM System Storage


A. log in to the HMC with user “admin” and open a browser; the Storage Managerconsole will start

B. open the Element Manager from a TPC console

C. install the Storage Manager software on a PC, then open a browser and enter url://localhost:8451/



launch Web System Manager, access the HMC of the DS8800, right-click and choose Start Storage

Manager console

Correct Answer: B


A VIO server administrator is configuring MPIO-based storage for a new LPAR named P7_3_AIX.The

administrator runs the lspv -free command and sees 4 disks free. The lsmap -all command confirms that

the disks are free. A check of the list of LPARs shows the following:

In order to avoid problems, what else should be verified before mapping storage to the new LPAR?

A. If the free disks are allocated to P7_2_AIX

B. That the free disks are MPIO capable

C. If the free disks are allocated to P7_3_AIX

D. That the free disks are allocated to a shared storage pool

Correct Answer: D


On a system with a single ASP, an I/O intensive batch job that normally completes in 30 minutes is still running after 2 hours. CPU utilization on the system is less than 10% and memory is not constrained. The WRKDSKSTS command shows the following: What should be administrator do to improve performance?

A. Run Start Disk Reorganization (STRDSKRGZ)

B. Run ASP Balancing with a Balance Type of *MOVDTA

C. RUN Reclaim Storage with a Select Type of * RSMLAC

D. Run ASP Balancing with a Balance Type of *CAPACITY

Correct Answer: D