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A developer has deployed a Worklight mobile application to a remote Worklight Server environment using

a context root of app1 and wants to update one of the application\’s server-side components. Which

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Worklight console should the developer use to re-deploy the component?

A. The Worklight console on the remote server accessed through the URL:


B. The Worklight console in the local development environment accessed through the URL:


C. The application-specific Worklight console on the remote server accessed through the URL:http://


D. The application-specific Worklight console in the local development environment accessed through the


Correct Answer: C


A batch job runs daily in the QBATCH subsystem with a run priority of 50. The job normally takes an hour to complete and no other batch jobs run during this time.

The administrator needs to reduce the run time and requests the run priority be lowered to 40. However1 after the change, run time does not decrease.

What is the likely reason that the run time did not decrease?

A. The run priority applies to only interactive jobs.

B. D82 Symmetric Multiprocessing has not been installed.

C. The run priority represents only the relative importance of the job.

D. The system value QPFRADJ (Performance Adjustment) is set to “No adjustment.”

Correct Answer: C


A global customer\’s IT strategy is based upon two DS8000 systems and an N series gateway. They want

to protect their business by implementing a disaster recovery solution. The storage specialist has

recommended cascaded mirroring. Which of the following is the business benefit of cascaded replication?

A. it is cost efficient, as a single N series or DS8000 can have its controllers split between the primary and

secondary site and use semi-synchronousmirroring while using asynchronous mirroring to a third site

B. the second site acts as a repeater station so that greater geographical distances can be achieved

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C. it provides high availability together with disaster recovery by implementing Metro/Global Mirror across

three geographically dispersed systems


it guarantees data protection by implementing two synchronous copies of the primary site data

Correct Answer: C


An administrator needs to add additional LPARs to a Power 770 server, but all of the available memory on

the system is currently assigned to existing LPARs and is continually utilized. What solution can the

administrator implement on the system to add the LPARs?

A. Active Memory Expansion

B. Active Memory Compression

C. Virtual Memory Management

D. Weighted Memory Allocation

Correct Answer: A


A customer RFP requires installation of an open system SAN and migration of 40 TB currently residing on

ten UNIX servers (on internal server disk). The Service Level Agreement (SLA) requires no more than five

minutes per week of planned downtime for backup. Which IBM System Storage solution is the most cost


A. an IBM System Storage DS8700 with LTO tape drive

B. an IBM System Storage DS8700 with FlashCopy Manager

C. an IBM XIV Storage System

D. an IBM XIV Storage System with SAN Volume Controller

Correct Answer: C