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A solution implementer is deploying four DataPower XI52 appliances in a production environment. The

requirement is to evenly distribute client traffic across all four appliances without using an external load

balancer. The firmware on these four appliances has the Application Optimization feature enabled. A

standby Virtual IP address (VIP) has also been configured on each appliance with self-balancing enabled,

and each VIP specifies the same standby group. No other appliance network settings have been changed.

What should the solution implementer verify with the network team to ensure that this configuration will

work? Ensure the network supports:

A. gratuitous ARP.

B. rapid spanning tree.

C. virtual MAC takeover.

D. multiple MAC addresses per Ethernet port.

Correct Answer: A


What is the file extension of backups created with pdbackup on a UNIX operating system?

A. .gz

B. .zip

C. .tar

D. .gzip

Answer: C



A customer needs message privacy and message integrity on a given transaction, and prefers the use of

WS-Policy. WebSphere DataPower must receive a username from each user, but no authentication is

required. In order to implement this without additional custom work, the solution implementer can:

A. use WS-Policy with UsernameToken, Encryption and Signature enforced.

B. use WS-Policy with Encryption, Signature and pass the username in the message body.

C. use an Encrypt and Sign Action in the request, followed by a Decrypt and Verify Action in the response.

D. use a basic authentication header, then use the default encryption and signature inherent in the WS-


Correct Answer: A


An administrator needs to migrate an AIX partition from a POWER7 server to a legacy POWER6 595.

When performing a Live Partition Mobility operation, the following error is received:

Looking at the partition profile properties for CPU

Which of the following actions would solve the problem?

A. Change the processor compatibility mode to LEGACY on the target system.

B. Change the processor compatibility mode to POWER6 on the source partition.

C. Change the processor compatibility mode to POWER7 on the source partition.

D. Change the processor compatibility mode to ENHANCED on the target system

Correct Answer: A


An administrator needs to change the IP address used for the Operations Console LAN connection to the Power 720 50 that it resides on the main network.

What must the administrator do to complete this task?

A. Enable console takeover and recovery as the connection now goes through a network switch.

B. Access the control panel with function 65-21 and reset the console device discovery sequence.

C. Reset the console device ID, change the adapter address and recreate the Operations Console connection.

D. Reconfigure the connection in Operations Console with a new registered DNS name that points to the new IP address.

Correct Answer: C