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If the Cloud Governance Model included Highly Available Cloud Service in the Cloud Governance

by Objective layer (top), which three options would be included in the Cloud Operations

Governance layer (bottom)? (Choose three.)

A. The cloud service must include a disaster recovery plan.

B. The cloud service must include automation to restart a failed virtual machine.

C. The cloud service must have enough spare nodes to meet expected demand.

D. The cloud service network infrastructure must not have any single points of failure.

E. The top 10 vital cloud consumer business applications running in the cloud service must be

available 99.99% 24×7.

F. The cloud service must include a change management process that thoroughly tests changes

before including them in the production environment.

Answer: A,B,F



A developer is debugging a form-based authentication and at a point the issue is narrowed down to the

challengeHandler object. The following implementation describes the challenge handler:

What is the problem with this challenge handler?

A. The user is not implementing the mandatory challenge handler functions submitFailure() and


B. The user credentials should be sent to the server using a secured protocol. The correct definition

is:var reqURL = \’https://myhost:80/worklight/j_security_check\’;.


The variable reqURL cannot include the hostname and port. The correct definition is:var reqURL = \’/



The function createChallengeHandler() is not properly invoked, it also takes the security test. The

correct definition is:var cHandler = WL.Client.createChallengeHandler(\’test1\’, \’realm1\’);.

Correct Answer: C


For the p5 590 and p5 595 servers, the HMC must be directly attached. Why is the use of a

private service network between HMC and the p5 590 required?

A. The Bulk Power Controllers are dependent upon the HMC to provide them with DHCP


B. A firewall is required to isolate the private network from any of the open networks to which the

HMC is attached.

C. Network communications can be implemented through an open network. No private network is

required but it is recommended.

D. All p5 590 and 595 servers are shipped with one service processor card. A private network is

required to manage DHCP addresses.

Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to configure a front side handler in a multi-protocol gateway service that only

accepts messages from applications servers that are in the subnet. What can the solution

implementer configure in a front side handler to restrict messages to the subnet?

A. Specify a Local IP Address of

B. Specify a Port Number to a value in the ephemeral port range

C. Specify an Access Control List with an entry of “allow”

D. Specify a SSL Proxy Profile that requires a client side certificate signed by a trusted certificate authority

Correct Answer: C


How can cloud computing improve service delivery?

A. By providing monthly or pay per usage billing models

B. By abstracting underlying hardware using virtualization

C. By enabling service providers to provide multi-instance solutions

D. By automating processes used to request and provision workloads

Answer: D