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While testing the HTTP Session affinity behavior of a WebSphere cluster, the system

administrator noticed that there were two versions of the plugin-cfg.xml file used:

Version #1: plugin-cfg.xml

Version #2: plugin-cfg.xml

What would be the expected behavioral differences between the two versions of the WebSphere

plugin configuration file in terms of honoring HTTP session addinity?

A. version#1 supports HTTP Session affinity

B. version#1 and version#2 both support session affinity

C. version#2 supports HTTP session affinity

D. Version#1 and version #2 do not support HTTP session affinity

Answer: A


A developer has deployed the Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite using the WebSphere Hot

Deployment mode. To meet the implementation requirements, the developer created a new UI

screen for capturing Order Details. How can the developer access the new UI screen from within

the Application Console?

A. Restart Websphere.

B. The JSPs will load dynamically.

C. Rebuild the entities.jar file and restart WebSphere.

D. Rebuild the recources.jar file and restart WebSphere.

Answer: B



Companycom purchased a new p5 570 without a HMC. The customer does not know how to

power the full frame/system off since there does not appear to be an on/off button. What can be

done to accomplish this task?

A. Telnet into the machine and do a shutdown -Fr

B. Log into ASMI as Administrator and use ASMI menus

C. Log into the service processor using WebSM and use ASMI menus

D. Use the off button which is located to the left below the LEDs

Answer: B


A solution implementer needs to integrate the following security profile.

What must the solution implementer do to a message to satisfy this policy?

A. Encrypt and sign the body of the message.

B. Encrypt the body and header. Sign BOTH body and header.

C. Encrypt the body, sign the message and use an X.509 Token.

D. Encrypt the body, sign the Parts, and use an UsernameToken.

Correct Answer: C


Expressions are used in XSLT for all of the following purposes EXCEPT:

A. To select nodes for processing.

B. To specify conditions for different ways of processing a node.

C. To process sections in the XML document instance.

D. To generate text to be inserted in the result tree.

Answer: C