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What is saved with the SAVSECDTA command?

A. User ProfilesGroup profilesObject owners

B. User ProfilesAuthority ListsPrivate Authorities

C. Authority ListsPrimary group profileObject owner assignments

D. Private AuthoritiesGroup ProfilesPrimary group profile assignments

Correct Answer: B


Companycom is implementing a pair of Virtual IO Servers to service four LPARs. If each

operating system image requires 15GB of disk space, what is the minimum amount of SCSI

resource necessary?

A. Two SCSI paths and two 73GB SCSI disks

B. Two SCSI paths and two 36GB SCSI disks

C. Four SCSI paths and four 73GB SCSI disks

D. Two dual port SCSI RAID adapters with two 73GB SCSI disks

Answer: A


What is the default weight when creating an uncapped, shared processor LPAR?

A. 32

B. 64

C. 128

D. 256

Correct Answer: C


Which option describes one of the purposes of a manual IPL?

A. It is required to apply PTFs.

B. It allows more control over the system startup process.

C. It is the only way to start the system when there is a console problem.

D. It is required to recover the system from a previous abnormal system end caused by ENDJOBABN.

Correct Answer: B


When should you use a synchronization point when conducting a performance test?

A. to run multiple tests simultaneously

B. to time the start and end of performance tests

C. to enable you to coordinate the activities of a number of virtual users

D. to work with multiple performance test tools

Answer: C