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A customer calls the call-center to initiate a return. However, the customer does not have a sales

receipt of the sales order. How can this return order be created in the system?

A. Create a credit memo.

B. Create a blind return order.

C. Issue a refund to the customer.

D. Create a return with a dummy sales order number.

Answer: B



Configuring the weighting column of an Aggregator stage affects which two options. (Choose two.)

A. Sum

B. Maximum Value

C. Average of Weights

D. Coefficient of Variation

E. Uncorrected Sum of Squares

Answer: A,E



An administrator has been asked to install the following PTF packages from DVD. SF99710 Cumulative PTF Package SF99627 Electronic Service Agent Group SF99707 Technology Refresh SF99708 Group Security SF99709 Group HIPER

Using Option 8 (Install Program Temporary Fix Package) on the GO PTF menu, how can the administrator install all of the above PTFs in the shortest possible time?

A. Install all packages as a multiple volume PTF set.

B. Install SF99710 Cumulative PTF Package as it contains all of the other PTFs.

C. Load and permanently apply the cumulative package followed by each of the group PTFs.

D. Install the Technology Refresh first, IPL, then install the remaining packages as a group.

Correct Answer: A


Which two statements are true about Data Sets? (Choose two.)

A. Data sets contain ASCII data.

B. Data Sets preserve partitioning.

C. Data Sets require repartitioning.

D. Data Sets represent persistent data.

E. Data Sets require import/export conversions.

Answer: B,D



In a Transformer, which two mappings can be handled by default type conversions. (Choose two.)

A. Integer input column mapped to raw output column. B.

Date input column mapped to a string output column. C.

String input column mapped to a date output column. D.

String input column mapped to integer output column. E.

Integer input column mapped to string output column.

Answer: D,E