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How does IBM Rational Performance Tester collect resource data from a Windows machine?

A. Rstatd B.



D. ARM Instrumentation

Answer: C


Review the scenario below and then determine which statement is correct.

Which statement is true about this procedure?

A. The procedure will not work; the only alternative to control the log file size is by using

Common Agent Services.

B. The procedure will definitely work, but it is easier to enable the log-rollover feature in the

logging-stanza of each individual WebSEAL configuration file.

C. The procedure explains how this problem must be solved to avoid unlimited growth of

msg_webseald.log; each WebSEAL instance will have its own controllable

msg_webseald.log file.

D. The procedure will not work because the routing file cannot be overruled by the variable

PD_SVC_ROUTING_FILE; all WebSEAL instances will write log information to the same

msg_webseald.log file.

Answer: C



A small IBM i partition has batch jobs in subsystem QBATCH that occasionally have very high CPU usage

(more than 50%), impacting system performance.

The administrator needs to be able to observe these jobs on a 5250 session when they occur.

Which steps should the administrator take to display the jobs when they occur?

A. WRKACTJOB SBS(QBATCH) CPUPCTLMT(50) INTER VAL(10) and press E19 for auto refresh.

B. WRKSYSACT SBS(QBATCH), enter 50 in the CPU Filter field1 and press F19 for auto refresh.

C. WRKSYSACT, P20 to subset, include QBATCH, set the CPU Filter to 50% and press PIO for auto refresh.

D. WRKACTJOB, press P20 to subset, enter 50% for the CPU, use P16 to sequence by subsystem and press P19 for auto refresh.

Correct Answer: A


Which statement is true about paced loops?

A. They are used to pace the execution of steps in a test.

B. They are the basis for running loops within schedules.

C. They verify that information is being sent between the application under test and IBM Rational

Performance Tester.

D. They execute n iterations of an element per time segment.

Answer: D


Imagine a Policy Server with Tivoli Common Directory enabled. Which file must be

modified in order to change the logging size and logging format?

A. pd.conf

B. ivmgrd.conf

C. log.properties

D. pdmgrd_routing

Answer: D