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Which command should be used to determine the total number of jobs (active and inactive) on a system?





Correct Answer: A


A customer has an EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 installed. The disk subsystem is coming off lease. The

customer is considering an IBM System Storage DS8800. What is a key advantage of the DS8800?

A. The DS8800 has a higher disk RPM than the Symmetrix DMX-4

B. The DS8800 has higher capacity with more efficient footprint than the Symmetrix DMX-4


The DS8800 supports FlashCopy for internal array replication


The DS8800 supports external virtualization

Correct Answer: B


An administrator needs to access an IBM i console remotely through the HMC. To which P address should the administrator telnet, using port 2300, to get console access?

A. To the IP address of the FSP

B. To the IP address of the HMC

C. Over SSH to the HMC and then select the 5250 option

D. To the Service Tools P address of the IBM i partition

Correct Answer: B


A new Disaster Recovery site has been established using Metro Mirror to hold synchronous data at both

sites. After the Metro Mirror is started, one of the most important applications, a DB2 database, slows down.

An analysis shows that the I/O rate (especially write I/Os) is less than 40% compared to the former rates.

What is the best explanation for this behavior?

A. the bandwidth of the PPRC connection between the two sites is too small — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

B. the DS8000 SFI at the remote site was shipped with slower disks

C. I/O rates vary, depending on the distance between the two sites and the rates cannot be changed

easily, due to latency

D. the DB2 database does not work with Metro Mirror without an additional license

Correct Answer: C


A system administrator was asked to use pre-defined port numbers for the new application server

profile. The system administrator can use the wasprofile command line utility to accomplish this

task by defining port numbers. The system administrator will need follow the format in.

A. and use that file for the -portsFile argument.

B. Portdef.props and use that file for the -portsFile argument.

C. and use that file for the -portsFile argument.

D. Sas.client.props and use that file for the -portsFile argument.

Answer: B