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A developer is writing an application that needs to support the HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola DROID

Pro devices. Using the Mobile Browser Simulator to preview the application, how can the developer

switch from one device to the other?

A. Launch a separate instance of Mobile Browser Simulator for each device.

B. Click the Switch label, then expand Android and select Motorola DROID Pro.

C. Click the drop down menu currently labeled HTC Thunderbolt, then expand Android and select

Motorola DROID Pro.

D. Click the Cordova API in the left hand side, expand the Device section and change the device simulator

from HTC Thunderbolt to MotorolaDROID Pro.

Correct Answer: C


An organization is assigned the role of a Carrier and is defined to offer Less-Than Truckload (LTL)

shipment type of carrier service. Which carrier attributes define the LTL service in addition to Scac

and Service Code and Electronic Code?

A. Extended Delivery Mode, Transit Day Delays, and Host Code

B. PRO Number Length, Extended Ship Mode, and Fixed Transit Days

C. Extended Delivery Mode, Transit Day Delays, and Distance Per Day

D. PRO Number Length, Economic Shipping Parameters, and Fixed Transit Days

Answer: B



Assume today\’s date is 10/10/2011. A Node has ONHAND inventory of 2 units of an item and is

expecting an additional inventory of 10 units on 10/15/2011. The node notification schedule is 7:00

AM every day and the node shift is 8 AM – 4 PM every day. The scheduling rule has “Line Ship

Complete” flag checked. If a customer places an order for 5 units of that item on 10/10/2011 at

3:00 PM, what is the expected date of shipment of the order?

A. 2 units on 10/10/2011 and 3 units on 10/15/2011

B. 2 units on 10/11/2011 and 3 units on 10/16/2011

C. 5 units on 10/15/2011

D. 5 units on 10/16/2011

Answer: C



A company has DataPower XI52 physical appliances supporting its production environment. The

only optional feature that these appliances support is the Option for Application Optimization. The

company also uses DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition for Non Production

Environment for its development and test environment. Development management is concerned

about their developers using features on the virtual appliance that are not licensed on the

production appliances. How can the solution implementer restrict the use of specific features on

the virtual appliances?

A. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and reinitialize the appliance.

B. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and perform a boot image.

C. Download the appropriate feature_disable_tool.scrypt4 tools from IBM Fix Central. Upload each

tool to the virtual appliance and perform aboot image.

D. Copy the store:///license.xml file from a production appliance to the virtual appliance to limit the

virtual appliance to the production appliance\’slicensed features.

Answer: C



An administrator is trying to perform Live Partition Mobility (LPM) between physical systems managed by

the same HMC. The VIO Servers (VIOS) on each physical system are connected to the same SAN. The

client LPARs will use virtual SCSI (vSCSI) disks. The SCSI adapter slot numbers are between 11 and

20.Each client LPAR has a unique name. The network used by the client LPARs use Logical Host Ethernet

adapters (LHEA).The PowerVM Enterprise edition is being used. No EtherChannel has been configured.

Why are LPM activities failing?

A. This LHEA configuration is not supported for LPM.

B. The SCSI adapter slot numbers are too high.

C. Multiple MSP (mover service partitions) were configured.

D. The ssh keys have not been exchanged between the two VIO servers.

Correct Answer: A