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A client has tried to update the firmware of an Ethernet adapter on a p5 590, however it

repeatedly fails. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The adapter must be taken offline prior to the firmware update

B. The adapter must be assigned to the service partition prior to the firmware update

C. The system has not been rebooted since the adapter was added to the Logical Partition

D. The adapter must be dynamically removed from the Logical Partition prior to the firmware


Answer: A


When establishing server-side SSL authentication for an SSL connection, which one of the following

sequence is used to establish a successful connection?





Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer creates a request to the XML Management Interface as shown in the

following exhibit:

The XML Management Interface configuration on all appliances is configured with the property

“SOAP Management URI” enabled. There may be other unsaved changes in this domain. Which

of the following statements about the request are true? (choose 2)

A. Using no URI for the request will be successful.

B. Using a URI for the request of /service/mgmt/current will be successful.

C. Only the logging target configuration will be saved.

D. Only the remote address property of the logging target object will be modified.

E. The request will modify the logging target object\’s remote address property and set its other

properties to their default values.

Answer: A,D



An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 environment has scheduled archives which need to be

checked to ensure that they are successful. How is success completion verified?

A. run queryschedevents

B. runcron using the reporting events module

C. use Monitoring and Reporting to create a report listing successful and unsuccessful archives

D. use the Advanced Event Logger and Reporting feature to create a report listing successful and

unsuccessful archives

Answer: C


An administrator plans to implement Active Memory Expansion on several LPARs on a Power 770 system.

Which tool should be used to determine the recommended LPAR settings for Active Memory Expansion?

A. amepat

B. amelpar

C. amemon

D. amestat

Correct Answer: A