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An IBM Business Partner has sold a DS5020 and new IBM SAN switches to replace a customer EMC

storage infrastructure. The customer dissatisfaction has arisen during the installation because according to

the DS5020 interoperability matrix, two HP Proliant servers running Exchange have FC HBAs that are not

supported. Which of the following is the most probable cause of the customer dissatisfaction?

A. The EMC storage specialist has not participated in the TDA meeting

B. The FC HBAs are 4 Gbps technology

C. The Technical and Delivery Assessment review actions were not executed

D. The customer should have checked that the HBAs are supported according to the HP storage

interoperability matrix

Correct Answer: C


Consider the following XML Schema fragment:

<xsd:element name=


The administrator of a Power 740 is attempting to define an IVE port as promiscuous for a new VIO server.

All LPARs using the IVE port have been shut down, but the administrator still receives a message stating

that the VIO server cannot be designated as the promiscuous LPAR. What steps can be performed to

enable the IVE port as promiscuous for the VIO server?

A. Power off the Managed System and reactivate it.

B. Remove the IVE configuration from the existing LPARs and reactivate them.

C. Set the promiscuous setting to “none” and save the setting before attempting the operation again.

D. Change the MCS value from 16 to a lower value.

Correct Answer: B


Which level of IBM Tivoli Directory Server is automatically upgraded to V6.1 when using

the native install wizard in Windows?

A. only V6.0

B. V5.1, V5.2, V6.0

C. V4.2 , V5.1 , V5.2

D. V4.2 , V5.1 , V5.2, V6.0

Answer: C



An IBM Business Partner sells an IBM System Storage DS8700 to a customer. Who is responsible for the

installation and set up of the storage server?

A. purchasing customer

B. IBM Installation Readiness Team

C. IBM Customer Engineer

D. IBM Business Partner

Correct Answer: C