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When planning for virtual disk redundancy on an AIX LPAR, which solution would provide the highest


A. N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)

B. MPIO through redundant VIO Servers

C. Disk mirroring on the VIO Servers providing the virtual disks

D. Distinct vhost provided for each disk allocated by the VIO Servers

Correct Answer: B


An application uses commitment control and has the following attributes: Physical files in library: APDATA Logical files in library: APLE Journals in library: APJRN Journal receivers in APJRNPCV

Application objects must be saved at a transaction boundary.

Which parameter of the SAVLIB command of the following supports this requirement?





Correct Answer: D


A customer\’s new IBM System Storage DS8000 must be raised by two floors in the building to place it in

the computer room. In order to simplify the physical delivery, the storage specialist asks for .


a quotation for extra delivery services

B. the addition to the configuration of the feature “Shipping weight reduction” at no charge


an order of the DS8000 with the minimum number of drive sets allowed and an MES order for the

remaining drive sets needed


an RPQ order to receive frames and drive sets separately

Correct Answer: B


The customer forgot the admin password for the Storage Manager and had access denied to the storage.

No additional admin accounts have been created. What should be done to access the storage again?

A. access the storage through the serial port and change the password for the admin account

B. log a call to IBM support

C. log in to the HMC and open a browser; no password is required

D. download a script from the IBM website and reset the password with the superuser account

Correct Answer: B


A database administrator completed a significant project to create appropriate indexes for an application. The administrator needs to see if there are any indexes the Query Engine is calling for which have not already been created.

How can the administrator ensure that only the new index requests will be shown in the Index Advisor panel?

A. In QUSRSYS, clear the first member of QENUSRTBL table.

B. In System i Navigator> Database > SQL Plan Cache > Clear All.

C. Copy the first member of SYSIBM/REE_CST1 into a saved member and clear the member.

D. Right click on Database > Index Advisor> Index Advisor> Clear All Advised Indexes. Correct Answer: D