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A customer needs a remote data copy, data migration, and off-site backup solution. The solution cannot

impact application performance. The sites are over continental distances. Which characteristic of DS8700

Global Mirror makes it a good fit for this customer?

A. it provides synchronous mirroring on both sides

B. it can be implemented withoutFlashCopy volumes at the target site

C. with Global Mirror, the Metro Mirror functions can be used over continental distances


it has almost no impact on application performance because of its extremely short and adjustable

coordination time

Correct Answer: D


An administrator started the journaling for library LIBA using the command STRJRNLIB with all parameters set to the IBM default. The administrator later needs to restore more than 100 new files to library LIBA, but does not want to have the journaling started for these newly restored files.

What is the fastest way to restore the files without starting the journaling?

A. Use the CHGJRN command to change the inherit rules for library LIBA and then perform the restore.

B. Restore the files to library LIBA and then manually end the journaling for the newly restored files.

C. Use the CHGJRNOBJ command to change the inherit rules for library LIBA and then perform the restore.

D. Use the command sequence ENDJRNLIB, STRJRNLIB, with new inherit rules for library LIBA and then perform the restore.

Correct Answer: C


In a large SAP production system, the database should be protected with highest availability and

performance. How can this requirement be met?

A. Enable LAN-free backup and set up a storage agent.

B. Schedule each database to be backed up at different times.

C. Use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for ERP and customize multiple sessions.

D. Use the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive Client with different option files.

Answer: C


A solution implementer needs to configure a front side handler in a multi-protocol gateway service

that only accepts messages from applications servers that are in the subnet. What

can the solution implementer configure in a front side handler to restrict messages to the subnet?

A. Specify a Local IP Address of

B. Specify a Port Number to a value in the ephemeral port range

C. Specify an Access Control List with an entry of “allow”

D. Specify a SSL Proxy Profile that requires a client side certificate signed by a trusted certificate


Answer: C



The solution implementer is testing a new service and finds that the client is receiving a soap fault

response during the test.

The default-log shows the following:

What conclusion can the solution implementer determine by analyzing and interpreting the above log?

A. Parsing began on the message and failed due to mismatched XML tag.

B. Parsing of the URL began and too much memory was used when the request started.

C. The connection was terminated due to a client IP address parsing problem.

D. The connection did not reuse a persistent connection and triggered a parse error on the response.

Correct Answer: A