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A company has exposed a web service to both internal and external clients. Requests from

internal clients are sent in plain text and requests from external clients are encrypted in

accordance with the WS-Security specification. A single web service proxy has been created using

the WSDL that describes the web service. How can the solution implementer accommodate both

the plain text and encrypted requests in the same web service proxy?

A. Add a Decrypt action to the Default Request Rule, with a Certificate object that is associated

with the external client\’s private key.

B. Provide the company\’s public certificate to the external client for use in encryption, create a

Crypto Key object that points to the companyprivate key, and set the Decrypt Key at the proxy


C. Provide the company\’s public certificate to the external client for use in encryption, create a

Crypto Key object that points to the company\’spublic certificate, and use it to add a Decrypt action

to the Default Request Rule.

D. Create a Crypto Certificate object using the external client\’s public certificate, create a Crypto

Validation Credential (valcred) using the CryptoCertificate object, and add a Decrypt action that

uses valcred to the Default Request Rule.

Answer: B



In which type of storage pool can migration be performed?

A. Copy

B. Primary

C. Active Data

D. Inactive Data

Answer: B


A customer plans to deploy Open Fabric Manager (OFM). Which vendors would you recommend?

A. Brocade

B. Blade Network Technology (BNT)

C. Cisco

D. Juniper

Answer: B


Which two segment types are provided in IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite?

A. Made to fulfill

B. Made to order

C. Made to stock

D. Made to demand

E. Made to customer

Answer: B,E



A system administrator is installing an application and discovers that a required security role has

not been defined by the procedures of the application modules. How can the system

administrator create a new security role for the application?

A. Use the Security Global Security page of WebSphere administrative console.

B. Use Application Server Toolkit (AST) to define a new role on the module that requires it.

C. Use wsadmin to define the required security role.

D. Edit the source of Application Deployment Descriptor and add a properly formed <sec-role-


Answer: B