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When a subsystem is created using the CRTSBSD command, what is the purpose of the ASP Group (ASPGRP) parameter?

A. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group that contains the library for the secondary language

B. Specifies the initial setting for the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group name for the jobs running in this subsystem description

C. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group to be included in the library name space of the subsystem monitor job

D. Specifies the names of the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) groups that may be added to the jobs running in this subsystem description using the SETASPGRP command

Correct Answer: C


An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager environment has scheduled retrieves which need to be checked to

ensure that they are successful. What are two ways to verify successful completion? (Choose


A. run qactlog sch=schedname

B. runcron using the reporting events module

C. run queryschedevents searching for success

D. run queryretrievevents searching for failure

E. use Monitoring and Reporting to create a report of successful and unsuccessful retrieves

Answer: A,E


Which of the follow statements MOST accurately describes the effect of increasing the JVM heap


A. More objects will be created and the time required to garbage collect will decrease.

B. Applications run longer before a garbage collection occurs.

C. A larger heap size will cause the server to take loner to start.

D. No measurable performance change will result from increasing the heap size.

Answer: B


What is required to configure a WebSphere application server for remote debugging?

A. Edit the WebSphere remoteDebug.properties file.

B. Edit the WebSphere remotAppServerDebug properties file

C. Go to the administrative console and enable the Debuging Service to start under the System

Administration tab.

D. Go to the administrative console and enable the Debugging Service to start along with the

application server.

Answer: D


An SLM Policy has been associated with a web service proxy to restrict access to a backend web

service if one of a number of conditions has been met. The list of conditions are described in a

series of SLM statements. What Evaluation Method must the solution implementer select in the

SLM Policy to ensure that every SLM statement is checked until a throttle condition is executed?

A. terminate-at-first-filter

B. terminate-at-first-reject

C. terminate-at-first-action

D. terminate-at-first-refuse

Answer: B