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A company is receiving digitally signed SOAP/HTTPS messages to process payment transactions

from its business partner and verifies those messages using the Verify action. There is also a

requirement to use the signing certificate sent by the partner to encrypt the confidential response

message from the company back to the partner. To satisfy this requirement, the solution

implementer creates an Encrypt action with the \’Use Dynamically Configured Recipient Certificate\’

parameter to \’on\’. Which statement related to the scenario above is false?

A. The certificate created in the \’Recipient Certificate\’ field takes precedence over the dynamic

certificate input option.

B. The encrypt action will use the certificate defined in the variable

var://context/transaction/encrypting-cert to encrypt the message.

C. The dynamic certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message can be user-defined using the

syntax \’name:CertificateObjectName\’

D. The public certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message will be automatically extracted from

the incoming signed message while thesignature is verified in the Verify action.

Answer: A



Companycom is implementing a pair of Virtual IO Servers to service four LPARs. If each

operating system image requires 15GB of disk space, what is the minimum amount of SCSI

resource necessary?

A. Two SCSI paths and two 73GB SCSI disks

B. Two SCSI paths and two 36GB SCSI disks

C. Four SCSI paths and four 73GB SCSI disks

D. Two dual port SCSI RAID adapters with two 73GB SCSI disks

Answer: A


After installation of Licensed internal code (LIC) and the base operating system, the administrator IPLs with “B Normal”. After the IPL completes, the administrator received the following message when attempting to complete the installation:

CPF3D8F: Cannot install library QGPL.

What is wrong and what must the administrator do to continue the installation?

A. Subsystems other than the controlling subsystem are running.End all subsystems and start installing the licensed programs again.

B. The IPL partition settings were not correct.Change the settings to “A Manual”, IPL the system again, then start installing the licensed programs.

C. The IPL should not have been run until the installation of licensed programs was successfully completed. Start the process again from the beginning.

D. The option to install the library QGPL was skipped during installation of the base operating system. Run the installation process again, install the QGPL library, and then continue the installation.

Correct Answer: A


When establishing server-side SSL authentication for an SSL connection, which one of the following

sequence is used to establish a successful connection?





Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer is debugging a web service proxy which communicates with a backend

service http://server1:9092/myserv. The irregular performance to the backend service cannot be

explained so a packet capture is run to dig deeper into the issue. The results need to be stored in

a file called packet-capture. Also, the solution implementer wants to capture data only related to

the specific backend service host and across all interfaces. What CLI syntax should the solution

implementer use and how can the packet capture be analyzed?

A. packet-capture temporary:///packet-capture -1 10000 9000

and analyze using any text editor or word processor

B. packet-capture temporary:///packet-capture -1 10000 9000 “host server1”

and analyze using any \’pcap\’ compliant application, such as \’tcpdump\’ or \’Wireshark\’.

C. packet-capture-advanced all temporary:///packet-capture -1 10000 9000 “host server1”

and analyze using any \’pcap\’ compliant application, such as \’tcpdump\’ or \’Wireshark\’.

D. packet-capture-advanced all temporary:///packet-capture -1 10000 9000 “host server1”

and analyze the packet capture using the Troubleshooting section in the DataPower WebGUI.

Answer: C