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Question 1:

You must create a table EMPLOYEES in which the values in the columns EMPLOYEES_ID and LOGIN_ID must be unique and not null. (Choose two.) Which two SQL statements would create the required table?

A. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER,Login_id NUMBER,Employee_name VARCHAR2(100),Hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_ukUNIQUE (employee_id, login_id));

B. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER,login_id NUMBER,employee_name VARCHAR2(25),hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_pk PRIMARY KEY (employee_id, login_id));

C. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER CONSTRAINT emp_id_pk PRIMARY KEY, Login_id NUMBER UNIQUE, Employee_name VARCHAR2(25),Hire_date DATE);

D. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER,Login_id NUMBER,Employee_name VARCHAR2(100),Hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_uk UNIQUE (employee_id, login_id);CONSTRAINT emp_id_nn NOT NULL (employee_id, login_id));

E. CREATE TABLE employees(employee_id NUMBER CONSTRAINT emp_id_nn NOT NULL, Login_id NUMBER CONSTRAINT login_id_nn NOT NULL,Employee_name VARCHAR2(100),Hire_date DATE,CONSTRAINT emp_id_ukUNIQUE (employee_id, login_id));

Correct Answer: BE

Question 2:

Evaluate the following SQL statement: SQL> select cust_id, cust_last_name “Last name” FROM customers WHERE country_id = 10 UNION SELECT cust_id CUST_NO, cust_last_name FROM customers WHERE country_id = 30 Identify three ORDER BY clauses either one of which can complete the query.

A. ORDER BY “Last name”

B. ORDER BY 2, cust_id


D. ORDER BY 2, 1


Correct Answer: ABD

Using the ORDER BY Clause in Set Operations

-The ORDER BY clause can appear only once at the end of the compound query.

-Component queries cannot have individual ORDER BY clauses.

-The ORDER BY clause recognizes only the columns of the first SELECT query.

-By default, the first column of the first SELECT query is used to sort the output in an

ascending order.

Question 3:

Examine the types and examples of relationship that follows: (Choose the best answer.) 1 One-to-one a) teacher to Student 2 One-to-many b) Employees to Manager 3 Many-to-one c) Person to SSN 4 Many-to-many d) Customers to Products Which option indicates correctly matched relationships?

A. 1-d, 2-b, 3-a, and 4-c

B. 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, and 4-b

C. 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, and 4-d

D. 1-c, 2-a, 3-b, and 4-d

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

Which two are the minimal requirements for a self-join? (Choose two.)

A. Only equijoin conditions may be used in the query.

B. Outer joins must not be used in the query.

C. There must be a condition on which the self-join is performed.

D. No other condition except the self-join may be specified.

E. The table used for the self-join must have two different alias names in the query.

Correct Answer: CE

Question 5:

Which three statements are true regarding the data types?

A. The minimum column width that can be specified for a VARCHAR2 data type column is one.

B. Only one LONG column can be used per table.

C. A TIMESTAMP data type column stores only time values with fractional seconds.

D. The BLOB data type column is used to store binary data in an operating system file.

E. The value for a CHAR data type column is blank-padded to the maximum defined column width.

Correct Answer: ABE

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Question 6:

Which three arithmetic operations can be performed on a column by using a SQL function that is built into Oracle database? (Choose three.)

A. Finding the lowest value

B. Finding the quotient

C. Raising to a power

D. Subtraction

E. Addition

Correct Answer: ACE

Question 7:

View the exhibit and examine the structures of the EMPLOYEES and DEPARTMENTS tables. EMPLOYEES NameNull?Type















You want to update EMPLOYEES table as follows:

You issue the following command:

SQL> UPDATE employees

SET department_id =

(SELECT department_id

FROM departments

WHERE location_id = 2100),

(salary, commission) =

(SELECT 1.1*AVG(salary), 1.5*AVG(commission)

FROM employees, departments

WHERE departments.location_id IN(2900, 2700, 2100))

WHERE department_id IN

(SELECT department_id

FROM departments

WHERE location_id = 2900

OR location_id = 2700;

What is outcome?

A. It generates an error because multiple columns (SALARY, COMMISSION) cannot be specified together in an UPDATE statement.

B. It generates an error because a subquery cannot have a join condition in a UPDATE statement.

C. It executes successfully and gives the desired update

D. It executes successfully but does not give the desired update

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

You issue this command which succeeds:

SQL> DROP TABLE products;

Which three statements are true?

A. All existing views and synonyms that refer to the table are invalidated but retained.

B. Any uncommitted transaction in the session is committed.

C. Table data and the table structure are deleted.

D. All the table\’s indexes if any exist, are invalidated but retained.

E. Table data is deleted but the table structure is retained.

Correct Answer: BCD

Question 9:

Evaluate the following SQL statements that are issued in the given order:


(emp_no NUMBER(2) CONSTRAINT emp_emp_no_pk PRIMARY KEY,

ename VARCHAR2(15),

salary NUMBER (8,2),

mgr_no NUMBER(2) CONSTRAINT emp_mgr_fk REFERENCES emp(emp_no));




ENABLE CONSTRAINT emp_emp_no_pk;

What would be the status of the foreign key EMP_MGR_PK?

A. It would remain disabled and can be enabled only by dropping the foreign key constraint and recreating it.

B. It would remain disabled and has to be enabled manually using the ALTER TABLE command.

C. It would be automatically enabled and immediate.

D. It would be automatically enabled and deferred.

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

The first DROP operation is performed on PRODUCTS table using the following command:


Then you performed the FLASHBACK operation by using the following command:


Which statement describes the outcome of the FLASHBACK command?

A. It recovers only the table structure.

B. It recovers the table structure, data, and the indexes.

C. It recovers the table structure and data but not the related indexes.

D. It is not possible to recover the table structure, data, or the related indexes.

Correct Answer: D

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