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In the process of developing a hybrid application, the QA team finds a bug with the user interface that is

noticeable only on an iOS device. What can the developer use to debug the application?

A. Use the Xcode debugger console.

B. Use the Mobile Browser Simulator.

C. Use iWebInspector and/or Weinre.

D. Use WL.Logger.debug() and WL.Logger.error().

Correct Answer: C


How can WebSEAL communicate with an external third party authentication system using

the External Authentication Interface (EAI)?

A. WebSEAL uses the Authentication API based on MQ messaging.

B. WebSEAL uses HTTP requests and headers to communicate with the third party.

C. WebSEAL uses Java calls in the WebSEAL configuration in order to enable and

configure the EAI.

D. The third party system must compile its code using the available IBM Tivoli Access

Manager for e-business C libraries.

Answer: B



A small IBM i partition has batch jobs in subsystem QBATCH that occasionally have very high CPU usage

(more than 50%), impacting system performance.

The administrator needs to be able to observe these jobs on a 5250 session when they occur.

Which steps should the administrator take to display the jobs when they occur?

A. WRKACTJOB SBS(QBATCH) CPUPCTLMT(50) INTER VAL(10) and press E19 for auto refresh.

B. WRKSYSACT SBS(QBATCH), enter 50 in the CPU Filter field1 and press F19 for auto refresh.

C. WRKSYSACT, P20 to subset, include QBATCH, set the CPU Filter to 50% and press PIO for auto refresh.

D. WRKACTJOB, press P20 to subset, enter 50% for the CPU, use P16 to sequence by subsystem and press P19 for auto refresh.

Correct Answer: A


Which stanza informs WebSEAL where to redirect a local response request?

A. [local-URL-redirect]

B. [request-send-local]

C. [webseal-auto-redirect]

D. [local-response-redirect]

Answer: D



During a full system restore the sign on screen is displayed before the restore completes. Which system value is the most likely cause?

A. Restore Abend action (QRSTABD) is set to *SlGNON.

B. Allow Object Restore (QALWOBJRST) is NOT set to *All.

C. Verify Object Restore (QVFYOBJRST) is set to 3 or higher.

D. Job message queue full action (QJOBMSGQFL) is set to *NOWRAP.

Correct Answer: D