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A company has a 30 TB multi-vendor storage environment attached to System i and open systems. They

are concerned about the time and effort caused by frequent migrations to new storage hardware for open

systems data. In addition to consolidating their storage to a single platform, they would like to take

advantage of advanced features such as Easy Tier and implement a three-site business continuity

strategy. Which product provides the best long-term solution for this company?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000

B. IBM XIV Storage System

C. IBM System Storage N series

D. IBMStorwize V7000

Correct Answer: A


The business owner of a purchasing process has requested a report that displays the total time of three

activities. What should the BPM application developer use to send the data to the Performance Data

Warehouse to create this report?

A. A Timing Interval

B. A Service Level Agreement

C. Exposed Process Variables

D. Shared Business Objects

Correct Answer: A


What will cause a broadcast storm when configuring redundant VIO servers with SEA failover?

A. The secondary SEA is brought online before the configured primary SEA.

B. A mismatch of defined VLANs between the primary and secondary SEA.

C. The secondary SEA is created before enabling failover on the primary SEA.

D. Incorrect EtherChannel configuration on one SEA

Correct Answer: C


A customer has applications on multiple IBM i partitions that still use green screen access. The customer needs to configure a menu option that will transfer users from partition A to partition B without requiring them to sign on to partition B. The users have identical user IDs and passwords on all partitions.

What should the administrator do to allow the customer to meet the requirement?

A. Create a CL program for each user that has their user ID and password embedded in the TELNET command.

B. Create a CL program for each user that has their user ID and password embedded in the STRPASTHR command.

C. Configure the APPN connection between the partitions to be a secure connection. Set the System value QRETSVRSEC to “1” on partition A.

D. Configure the APPC connection between the partitions to be a secure connection. Set the system value QRMTSIGN to *VERIEY on partition B.

Correct Answer: D


A system administrator notices that web requests are falling on a particular application server

which has already started. Which log files should be reviewed for application server errors?

A. SystemErr.log.SystemOut.log

B. startServer.log. stopServer.log.System Err.log.SystemOu.log

C. SystemOut.log

D. SystemErr.log

Answer: A