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After resetting the QSECQER DST/SST password to the default value1 the password is expired and the administrator is unable to change it from the operating system due to security restrictions. How can the password be changed with the least interruption to other users and jobs on the system?

A. IPL the partition in manual mode, change the QSECOFR DST/SST password.

B. Issue a control panel function 21 to activate DST and change the password there.

C. Issue the command CHGDSTPWD again, but also special password expiration override.

D. Use the serial interface and ASMI Admin profile to enable the QSECOFR profile for DST/SST.

Correct Answer: B


A pharmaceutical company has a requirement for 8.5 TB of usable storage for a new data center. The

customer has multiple host applications running on Solaris, Windows 2003, HP-U/X, Linux, and IBM

System i platforms. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 volume configuration provides the best

performance and highest availability for this customer?


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D. RAID 10

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is a valid statement concerning the WebSphere V6 High Availability

Manager ?

A. The HA Manager enhances the availability of WebSphere singleton services like transaction

services, JMS Message services, and Service integration Bus services.

B. The HA Manager runs as an enterprise application within each application server process that

monitors the “health” of WebSphere clusters.

C. In the event of a server failure, the HA Manager could failover the transaction service which

could recover in-flight transactions.

D. The HA Manager leverages latest storage technologies to provide fast recovery time of both

single and two-phase transactions

Answer: C


A system administrator wants to ensure that nodes with different hardware resources participate

in a cluster as efficiently as possible. Which of the following should be used to BEST meet this


A. A load balancer to evenly distribute requests to cluster members

B. A fine grain application update with capabilities to tune cluster member applications to the


C. Weighted definitions for cluster members

D. Identical application components for all cluster members

Answer: C


An application needs to log into an existing backend with the fields username, password, pin code and

account number. Which set of actions does the developer need to take in addition to creating a custom

Java Authenticator?

A. – Use the auth.js as is to display the login form- Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Create client-

side authentication components

B. – Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Configure the worklight.properties- Create client-side

authentication components

C. – Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Create a custom Java Login Module- Create client-side

authentication components

D. – Configure the authenticationConfig.xml- Create a custom Java Login Module- Use the auth.js as is to

display the login form

Correct Answer: C