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Which journaling capability was added in IBM i 7.1?

A. End journaling can be done while a journaled file is in use.

B. Journals larger than 1TB can have remote journals attached to them while in use.

C. Remote journals are automatically compared and verified during suspend and resume operations.

D. When starting journaling of the physical file, all logical files will automatically have their access paths set for SQL optimization.

Correct Answer: A


A developer is using a Worklight Studio installation that is configured with the Android 2.2 SDK and the

corresponding Google USB driver. The developer has connected an Android device to the machine via a

USB cable. The developer tries to run the application on the device but does not see the device listed as a

target. What can be a cause for this issue?

A. Worklight does not support testing on Android 2.2 devices.

B. Installed Google USB driver is deprecated and must be explicitly enabled.

C. Installed Google USB driver does not support the device connected to the machine.

D. The file of the application is not configured to allow USB connection.

Correct Answer: C


The element of an HTTP adapter that is accessing a back-end RESTful service is defined

as follows:

Which additional element must be defined as part of the element?

A. element, to define the user credentials

B. element, to declare the procedures for this adapter

C. element, to specify the path to the RESTful service and its query parameters

D. element, to limit the number of concurrent connections to the back-end

Correct Answer: D


Where can an administrator find the implementation process for configuring a Power 795 to run in

TurboCore mode?

A. IBM Systems Director

B. IBM InfoCenter

C. Performance Toolbox for AIX

D. IBM System Planning Tool

Correct Answer: B


A mainframe customer would like to receive a proposal for a mainframe storage system with 120 TB raw

capacity. The mainframe server load is not too high, and they need hard disk drives with the lowest

possible power consumption to keep operating costs low. The customer will not increase the capacity of

their mainframe applications in the future but rather invest later into their System p servers. Which of the

following solutions best meets these requirements at the lowest cost?

A. offer a DS8700 system with 600 GB FC drives

B. offer a DS8800 system with standard cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

C. offer a DS8800 system with business class cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

D. offer a DS8800 system with SATA drives

Correct Answer: C